RS to jack up advert rates as Ch 8 ratings rise

Corporate May 09, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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RS will double the advertising billing rate of Channel 8 next month from the minimum of Bt10,000 per minute and raise the maximum rate from Bt120,000 to Bt200,000.

The hikes are in line with recent rise in the audience ratings of its programmes, Pornpan Techarungchaikul, chief operating officer of the operator of Channel 8, said yesterday.
The company is building on the success of the channel, which has enjoyed the top rating on satellite TV, by airing it on Channel 27 for digital TV set-top boxes and Channels 8 and 37 on satellite TV, starting April 25. 
Channel 8 targets all ages and genders. It will be accessible on every platform on the way to becoming the most complete digital standard-definition TV channel in Thailand, RS says. 
The company will invest Bt2 billion in the first three years to strengthen the channel in terms of content, human resources and broadcasting system. It aims to be among the top three in three years and to break even within the first year. 
For the past three years RS has invested in building good and accessible content. The channel has the largest market share on satellite TV. Now that it has become a digital channel, it is even more accessible. In the past month, viewership grew by 30 per cent after its timetable rearrangement in March. 
RS produces 95 per cent of its programmes in house, which helps control production budgets. 
The teams are all professional, as content is very important in this competition.
 RS says it offers diverse content that matches the lifestyle of every group, such as TV dramas, variety shows, news programmes and sports. It also has a strong financial background. 
“At present, every channel has already unveiled its timetable, but we have mentioned before that this competition is long-term. 
“Therefore, planning for in-house content production to meet growing ratings and advertising revenue is crucial,” Pornpan said. 
“After this, we will see many commercials for products that have never been advertised on TV before, and these new players will make the ad industry surpass GDP growth. 
“From the look of it, the new operators’ content is more diverse, and most of them target urban viewers, and that will be the most competitive market. This group has a lot of content to choose from, so it will be quite difficult to win their attention. 
“In the initial stage, it is very important to make the channel memorable, and a lot of money will have to be invested to create this awareness. Channel 8 has an advantage over many other channels because we’ve passed that stage already. 
Today, we can focus on building attractive content and boosting our ratings. 
“Already, in the month after digital TV was launched and after the channel rearrangement for analog TV, we have seen significant changes in the advertising industry. 
“The landscape change in this industry will be interesting to watch,” she said. 
Ong-art Singlumpong, executive vice president of the television station, said that to build Channel 8 for the digital platform in the variety category following the regulator’s criteria, variety shows must make up 50 per cent of programming and dramas and news 25 per cent each.
On April 25, Channel 8 revamped its timetable to meet those criteria and to add more flavours to keep up with the fierce competition in the industry. 
New content is now aired 18 hours a day, and reruns six hours a day, from formerly 12 hours of each.
Dramas will increase from three hours to four hours daily. Five new dramas will be introduced – “Dong Dok Ngew”, “Pua Chua Krao”, “Ching Rak Hak Sawad”, “Mia Tuen” and “Mae Luek Kerd Dai”. 
News programmes will increase to six hours a day from four hours, using talk shows to make the content easier to digest. The news shows are produced by more than 100 professional news experts. 
The news shows are “Kui Kao Chong 8” in the morning, “Kao Tiang Chong 8” midday, “Kao Yen Chong 8” in the evening, “Hong Kao Chong 8” late at night and “Krob Kao Chong 8” at midnight.