RS spending Bt350m for Channel 8 HD broadcasts

Corporate September 05, 2013 00:00


RS IS BEEFING up its Channel 8 business by spending Bt350 million on acquiring new technologies and upgrading its station for high-definition broadcasting.

“Channel 8 was upgraded to HD on August 17,” CEO Surachai Chetchotisak said yesterday.

About Bt50 million would be used in the upgrading of production and broadcasting equipment and Bt300 million in the production of 15 mega-budget TV series.

This year, RS’ media business is expected to contribute more than Bt2 billion. The company aims to continue dominating satellite TV ratings. Since the launch of the company’s satellite TV business, five channels have been introduced – Channel 8, Sabaidee TV, U Channel, Starmax and Sun Channel. Channel 8 was launched on January 5, 2011 as a 24-hour, free-TV variety channel.

“The past three years have been successful as we now have the best ratings in satellite TV. Our strategy is to make our content popular and appealing to our target group and the mass audience, while programmes must be accessible through every platform,” he said.

“From that strength, we have partnered up with new sponsors such as DTAC, PSI, TrueVisions and Channel 7, which makes our content accessible through many satellite systems like CU and K bands, cable systems and smart-phone applications.

“We’ve invested a lot in the latest software imported from Germany and Japan. Our aim is to introduce our viewers to better image quality.”

The company plans to double its high-quality TV series and introduce more variety, whether action, comedy, romance or drama.

This will enhance RS’ potential to cover a wider market, as part of its goal to maintain its leadership.

RS’ strength lies in entertainment and variety, so it is aiming to push Channel 8 to greater success, while developing other satellite TV channels to remain on top of the game while moving forward with digital TV.

A new commercial strategy for Channel 8 has been set to offer greater value for money. The channel is one of the most efficient satellite TV channels in terms of eyeballs to pricing. RS’ satellite TV business is expected to soar 120 per cent to Bt1.2 billion this year.

“With our investment in content, production and broadcasting, we are confident in the potential of Channel 8. We have a very clear policy in our channel planning, and the priority is to make it accessible for our viewers nationwide. Most platforms have embraced this policy,” he added.

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