Producer of organic plant nutrients aims to expand exports to neighbouring countries

Corporate January 16, 2014 00:00


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THAI AGRICULTURE Prosperity Co aims to help restore this country's status as a top exporter by expanding shipments of its Intrend Plus by Ten organic nutrients for plants.

Pubeth Pongthanapat, chief executive of Thai Agriculture Prosperity Co, a manufacturer and distributor of organic-nutrient products, said the company was expanding its exports into many neighbouring markets, such as Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia Malaysia and possibly Indonesia, to cash in on the implementation of the Asean Economic Community next year. “We are in negotiations with an Indonesian agent,” he said. “We estimate that our quality products will satisfy customers [there] as they do in the domestic market.

“Some of our wholesale representatives have already dealt with agents in Myanmar and Laos. We have a lot of confidence that Intrend Plus by Ten will appeal to farmers by offering low prices but high quality at a time of a high cost of living. It will [help] restore Thailand as a top exporter for sure.”

Pubeth said Thailand had been a land of plenty in Southeast Asia for a long time. The country used to be the world’s top rice exporter, but has declined to No 3 after India and Vietnam.

There are many reasons that Thailand has lost its rice-exporting championship, Pubeth said. The first is that production costs in neighbouring countries are 16.5 per cent lower on average. Second, the government has failed to follow the lead of other countries in reducing the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, as chemical residue underground is another cause of low productivity.

Finally, Thai rice is about US$123 a tonne more expensive than that produced by neighbouring countries, with higher costs of production the main cause.

“Our Intrend Plus by Ten product [is an] innovation in organic agriculture that is very highly recommended as the choice for every farmer who is looking for ways to reduce production costs by almost 10 times, while at the same time doubling the harvest yield.

“With its very high quality of materials but economical price, farmers could apply it [instead of] any chemical or organic fertiliser. It is very easy to use, with a single formula, and not confusing [users] with too many formulas like others,” Pubeth said.

He said the company would this year continue to focus on increasing the number of wholesale representatives, from 30-40 shops last year to 100. Currently the Intrend Plus by Ten brand covers seven nutrient products for all kind of plants, including cash crops and flower and ornamental varieties.


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