Phuket Pearl Group to promote and sell its products in overseas markets

Corporate July 14, 2014 00:00

By Petchanet Pratruangkrai
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Phuket Pearl Group, a pearl producer in Phuket, plans to promote its "Amorn Pearl" trademark internationally.

President Amorn Intorncharoen said last week that the company realises that to become the leading pearl trader and integrated farm operator in the region in response to seamless trade, trademarks and brand recognition are important. So it has registered its “Amorn Pearl” trademark and its showroom design copyright with the Intellectual Property Department.
“Intellectual property rights are vital for success, as pearls can be produced in many countries. But for the company, we have developed our own techniques and designs to create differentiation and add value to our pearls,” he said.
The company has also received IPR protection for its showroom design, which demonstrates to shoppers and visitors the cycle of pearl production from farming, cutting and polishing to trading.
Amorn plans to promote Phuket pearls under the Amorn Pearl brand to be a global brand by using its 40 years of experience and local folk wisdom in pearl farming to create a precious gem. 
A person with taste can feel proud to own the only gem on earth created by creatures from the sea. 
Tourists and traders are welcome to visit the showroom in Sapham district as well as the pearl farm about one kilometre offshore in Sapham Bay, on the east coast of the island.
The firm was a sponsor for the Miss Thailand World beauty pageant last year. It was selected to design and make the crown for the winner.
The company will soon patent its new technique to produce blue pearls, which were one of the main materials in Miss Thailand 2013’s crown.
The firm seeks to become a global brand not only to succeed in business, but also to assist local farmers and producers.
Although the value of a pearl oyster starts at only Bt20, after value is added, a pearl can be worth hundreds of baht to almost a half million baht.
Phuket Pearl Group employs about 50 technicians and workers, but several hundreds of pearl oyster farmers are involved in the supply chain.
Many foreign and local traders have visited and purchased pearls from the company. Foreigners are mainly from Russia, Europe, the Middle East, India and Asia.

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