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4-5% dividend yield worth investing BUY


- Profit to rebound in 1Q14

We estimate 1Q14 net profit at B26.2bn, growing 70.0%qoq due to the

following factors. 1) Shared profit from subsidiaries has risen 58.0%qoq

mainly from the refinery business (TOP, PTTGC, IRPC, and BCP) as GRM has

increased US$1-2/barrel on seasonal effect. In addition, the 1.1%qoq Baht

appreciation has made a Fx loss in 4Q13 turnaround to a Fx gain in this

quarter. However, profit from the petrochemical business in 1Q14 would

decline from the prior quarter as a result of a 30%qoq fall in aromatics

spread, while olefins spread would improve only slightly. 2) PTTEP's profit

would grow 67.4%qoq due to the significantly lower Fx loss. 3) Profit from

the gas separation plant (PTT) is projected to improve, thanks to rising

product price and decreasing cost, so the overall spread would advance by

5.1%qoq, while sales volume would rise only slightly. 4) A Fx gain of B1.3bn

would be recognized in this quarter, versus the high Fx loss in the prior

quarter. Overall, 1Q14 net profit would account for 24.2% of our FY2014

profit forecast.

- Cut forecast for disappointing aromatics business

We revise down our profit forecast for 2014-2015 in order to reflect the

disappointing aromatics business. Since the beginning of 2014, Px-ULG95

spread has fallen to a three-year low of US$165/ton in late March 2014. We,

therefore, slash our assumption for Px spread of TOP (aromatics makes up

30%) and PTTGC (aromatics makes up 25%). As a result, 2014 and 2015

profit lowers 3.7% and 3.2percent from the previous forecast. Nevertheless,

continuous growth of 10.0%yoy and 6.7%yoy is still foreseen, respectively.

Major driving factors for 2014 are the resumption of all production units of

PTT and wider olefins spread.

- Low P/E ratio and laggard price

Under the new forecast, 2014 fair value (DCF and sum of parts) is B360

(versus B368 previously). We reiterate to buy PTT as it still provides 17%

upside and 2014 P/E ratio is low at only 8.5x, versus the regional average of

11x. Dividend yield can be expected at 4-5% p.a. Also, the share price is still

laggard peers.

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