Operator of SHOP Channel expects TGN link-up to boost revenue

Corporate March 13, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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SHOP Global (Thailand) Co, which operates a TV home shopping channel, targets sales worth Bt3 billion by 2018 after entering a partnership to broadcast SHOP Channel on Thai TV Global Network (TGN) on the Ku-band.

The broadcasts officially started on January 26 for 24 hours a day on TGN, including TrueVisions channel 179, DTV channel 61, TOT IPTV channel 61, Ku-band receivers such as DTV channel 61, Cable TV Association, which is a partner of TGN, and various other satellite receivers.

Shigeru Ohashi, president and chief executive of SHOP Global (Thailand), said SHOP Channel had been broadcast on PSI channel 62 since last November 9, and now on TGN. The company believes this can expand its viewership throughout Thailand.

The company has set a sales target of more than Bt3 billion in the fifth year.

It has partnerships with Sumitomo Corporation Group, ICC International and Central Department Store.

Products sold on SHOP Channel currently include an extensive range of jewellery, cosmetics, apparel, fashion accessories, home goods and electronics. About 70 per cent of the products are imported from Japan and the rest are supplied domestically.

Beginning this Saturday, the company will sell pre-ordered food and fresh fruits air-transported from Japan. Therefore, customers will be able to acquire such Japanese delicacies as Amaou brand strawberries, famous for their large size and very sweet taste.

The company has established a system for delivery of chilled and frozen food. It also will pioneer the delivery of temperature-controlled food directly to Thai homes, Ohashi said.