Openrice budgets Bt18m for marketing of food app in region

Corporate April 24, 2014 00:00


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OPENRICE WILL spend Bt18 million this year marketing its new mobile application called OpenSnap for foodies in eight Asian countries with the goal of achieving 4 million downloads. "I think that there is potential out there to provide a food application

“The firm will also generate revenue from advertising for restaurants and official accounts,” Panyaluck Udomleartprasert, manager of Openrice (Thailand), a food software developer based in Hong Kong, said yesterday.
The eight markets are Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand.
The app, which targets people aged 15-45, will provide a restaurant management system for restaurants, display advertising and promote apps via mobile operators to support customers. 
The firm plans next to offer an online reservation service or table mapping to customers. 
OpenSnap allows users to search restaurants by photo, create a personalised album and search easily the eight countries. Its database contains about one million restaurants. 
 “We create applications that are different from other applications, such as by showing Asean styles and by being easy to use. Our app, which runs on Android and iOS, allows food lovers to search restaurants across Asean,” she said.
The firm expects that by the end of this year it will welcome 8 million visitors per month among the countries. In the Thai market, it expects to see 500,000 downloads and reach two million page views per month by year-end.
The firm grew out of a food application called Openrice and a website at a couple years ago. It has attracted about 1 million downloads, 1.8 million food reviews, 10 million photos and over 129 million page views per month among Asean countries. 
It will promote new OpenSnap food application to existing users of Openrice so that they can download the new app to support their lifestyle.

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