One fourth of Thai employees didn't get bonuses in 2013

business January 28, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Twenty eight per cent of Thai employees revealed that they did not get any bonuses in 2013, according to the survey

The survey also showed that 12 per cent of this group were not sure whether they would get the bonuses or not. 
Most of the employees who already received the bonuses, or 72 per cent, said they were not satisfied with the amount of bonuses, while only 28 per cent felt satisfied Of all employees, 44 per cent got paid under Bt20,000.
In comparing the amount of bonus payment rate (number of months x salary) to year 2012, most of the respondents or 46 percent still get the same rate bonus, 29 percent got lower payment, and 26 percent got higher bonus rate. 
The questionnaires have been distributed to 3,096 members of in many industries The respondents can be categorised as follows - 66 per cent are staff, 14 per cent senior staff, 16 per cent managers, and 2 per cent senior managers.
“Regarding the survey result, 46 per cent got only one month or less than one month salary bonuses while only 3 per cent got higher than six-month salary bonuses This is the first year we asked about the amount of payment One fourth of all respondents received the bonuses equal or higher than Bt50,000, but only 3 per cent of this group got the bonuses higher than Bt200,000," said Thanaporn Satitpunwaycha, country manager of Recruitment (Thailand).