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Economy March 13, 2014 00:00

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Bt23 bn Debentures from three Thai firms

Three listed companies – Thai Oil, Minor International and Indorama Ventures – plan to issue debentures worth Bt15 billion, Bt4.5 billion and Bt3.7 billion, respectively, with interest rates of between 3.41 per cent and 5.3 per cent.

Thai Oil’s debenture will be divided into four types: a three-year issue worth Bt2 billion and with an annual interest rate of 3.41 per cent; a five-year issue worth Bt3 billion, and offering 4.13 per cent; a seven-year product worth Bt3 billion and yielding 4.61 per cent annually; and a 10-year debenture worth Bt7 billion and providing interest at 4.84 per cent.

Minor International’s unsecured Bt4.5-billion product is part of its plans to issue debentures worth Bt15 billion within 15 years, a move that was approved by shareholders in April 2011.

Indorama Ventures Bt3.7-billion debenture is being split into three: a three-year issue worth Bt1.5 billion and offering an annual interest rate of 4 per cent; a five-year product worth Bt800 million and providing interest at 4.5 per cent; and a 10-year Bt1.4-billion debenture with an annual interest return of 5.3 per cent.


CAT eyes revenue rise

CAT Telecom is looking to generate revenue of Bt500 million this year by offering total telecom services to community-mall complexes and property projects.

Executive vice president Anothai Klampaiboon said the state agency hoped to secure around 100 projects for its total telecom services this year, most of them being community-mall projects around the country.

Last year, CAT generated Bt350 million from providing such services.

CAT yesterday signed a contract worth Bt78 million with Airport Link Square to provide total telecommunication services at the A -Link shopping centre, a new 52,000-square-metre community mall located at the Airport Rail Link’s Ramkhamhaeng station.

The project is due to soft launch in June.


Energy Absolute hopes to see its profit grow by 150 per cent this year, after full-year recognition of revenue from its 90-megawatt solar-power plant.

The company is also planning to commence three wind-power projects late this year.

Energy Absolute is confident it can generate Bt4.7 billion in revenue from its solar plants by 2016.

It is also preparing to produce 1 million litres of biodiesel per day to meet rising demand for the fuel. Its current daily output is 800,000 litres.

Chief financial officer Amorn Sapthaweekul said the company foresaw a 150-per-cent rise in net profit over last year’s Bt267 million, thanks to full-year recognition of revenue of more than Bt1.2 billion from the solar plant in Nakhon Sawan.

The plant has a 50-per-cent profit margin.



Electronic precision-equipment firm Sinfonia Technology is moving to add electric-vehicle motors to its line-up, with plans to launch mass production in Thailand next year and generate sales of