New website caters to advertisers seeking eye-catching space

Corporate May 31, 2014 00:00

By Asina Pornwasin
The Nation

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A new website domain will be launched soon targeting advertisers and event organisers seeking eye-catching space on the internet.

The 30-day Second-Level Domain (SLD) fast tracks offers with no category code in the middle. Right after the name of the product or event it will be “.th” (spelt in Thai language).
T.H.NIC won launch approval from the THNIC Foundation, the domain regulatory.
T.H.NIC general manager Wilaiwan Phanarin said there was increasing demand for the “.th” domain. The SLD was to highlight a company’s identity with an eye-catching website.
Wilaiwan said the domain was also enhanced the communications and advertising for customers who needed a unique website for an event that had a limited duration.
“Currently, businesses and individuals are paying attention to their online presence in order to add value to their branding and online marketing,” the general manager said. 
“SLD is distinguished because it has no category code in the middle … [this makes websites] concise and outstanding. For example, in 1998 was registered for the special project of 13th Asian Games in Bangkok.
T.H.NIC director Pakpoom Tripattana said that organisations and individuals could apply for SLD registration with a donation of Bt10,000 per domain.  They then will be asked to donate Bt100,000 for annual use, or Bt1 million for lifetime use, Pakpoom said, adding that the aim is to have 100 new domain names under the project – 80 per cent businesses and 20 per cent individuals.
Online registration is available at from June 1-30, with the successful applicants named on July 7.
“All revenues received from this fast-track process, without deduction of expenses, will be donated to the THNIC Foundation direct from successful candidates to support research and development of the internet infrastructure in Thailand,” Pakpoom said.
Pakpoom said feedback from this fast-track process would be raw data in order to analyse customer demand and SLD trends to further consider the possibility of having a normal process in the future. 
“We believe that SLD will be welcomed as it will open opportunities and enhance the online identity of the owners,” Pakpoom said.
“We expected to attract over a hundred people to this fast-track process, and we would like to invite them to join this charity with the THNIC Foundation.”
Normally, the third-level domain consists of seven categories: “”, “”,  “”, “ , “”, “”, and “”. 
As of last month, number of .th domains had reached 63,246. The top two categories were “” with 32,785 incidents and “” at 16,400.