New MAI head aims to double listings

Economy March 20, 2014 00:00


THE NEWLY appointed president of the Market for Alternative Investment, Prapan Charoenprawatt, has set three new goals to ensure its sustainable growth and that of its listed companies. One of these goals is to increase the number of MAI-listed firms by 1

The market’s fifth president, who was appointed by the Stock Exchange of Thailand on March 1, said he had plans to develop the MAI, raise the number of quality listed firms, and help social enterprises that are not ready to raise capital on the MAI to secure funding. 
It will cooperate with the MAI Listed Companies Association to help firms use the capital market to grow in a sustainable manner in the long term and use financial resources appropriately. 
The MAI will focus on helping family-based businesses, the category in which the bulk of Thai firms lie, get listed as younger people take over and aim to run their businesses professionally and systematically. 
Other listing targets are companies engaging in alternative energy, health and beauty-enhancement firms, production houses for digital television, producers of robots for factories, and Thai Premier League soccer teams. 
The MAI will also assist listed firms in areas such as corporate governance and social responsibility. 
It has also set up a unit to assist enterprise development, which involves cooperation with several alliances to provide information and help small businesses and social enterprises that are not ready to raise capital on MAI obtain needed funds conveniently, Prapan said. 
June will mark the MAI’s 15th year of operation. There are currently 95 firms listed on it.