Nation TV aims to broaden its appeal with edutainment shows

Corporate June 03, 2016 01:00


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THE NATION TV 24-hour news station, broadcasting on digital channel 22, is overhauling its programming under the concept of “Nation beyond News” with world-class edutainment to help broaden its target audience and boost its ratings.

“After achieving great success as the No 1 in news, Nation TV will go beyond a news station. The next chapter is that we must be news plus world-class edutainment,” Adisak Limparungpatanakij, president and chief executive officer of Nation Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), the operator of Nation TV, said yesterday.

The move was part of the celebration of the 16th anniversary of this 24-hour news station.

Nation TV wants to expand its viewer base by adding a line-up of world-class documentaries, films, variety shows and travel and lifestyle programmes to attract new audiences on top of those who enjoy getting updated news and comprehensive and in-depth analysis from Nation TV’s professionals.

According to a study by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, high-purchasing-power customers are big fans of news stations. Nation TV was recognised by those consumers as their top choice for catching the latest goings-on.

Heading the new line-up are “Nova”, a popular and award-winning science documentary series from the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) network in the United States, and the “Frontline” documentary series.

“We are delighted to screen those top-rated documentaries, which are relevant to Nation TV’s core values,” Adisak said.

“In the near future, we will invite the executive producers of those documentaries to share their thoughts and knowledge with our teams and also our valued audience.”

The company has also joined forces with leading content distributors Hollywood Thailand and Documentary Club to bring world-class and award-winning documentary films to be aired on Nation TV.

This starts with “A Matter of Taste” directed by New Zealand-born Sally Rowe. The documentary follows the career of talented chef Paul Liebrandt over the course of a decade in New York City.

To appeal to entertainment addicts, strategic partners like MVTV Thailand will provide Chinese films and variety shows, JKN Global Media will distribute Indian and US TV programmes and Rose Entertainment Corporation will offer Japanese TV shows. The travel show “The Passion” will also air soon.

“With this TV revamp, Nation TV aims to rank among the top 10 digital TV stations by the end of this year,” Adisak said.