Nation TV: Live from Ukraine

Corporate March 21, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Amid a new round of Cold War angst, Nation Group chief editor Thepchai Yong is now in Ukraine to cover the latest developments in the fast-breaking international news story

The first reports from Thepchai, with the support of an experienced Nation TV team, went on air yesterday. 
Tension has risen after Russia “absorbed” Crimea – which was a part of Ukraine – earlier in the week.
The crisis prompted the European Union and the United States to impose sanctions against Russia. 
A new chapter in world history is unfolding.
“We are going to raise Thailand’s standard when it comes to international news coverage,” Nation Multimedia Group (NMG) chairman Suthichai Yoon said.
“In the past, most Thais had to rely mainly on foreign news agencies like CNN, BBC or online news, but now NMG is ready to dispatch our professional teams to the hot spots and report.”
Thepchai is accompanied by Nation TV foreign news editor Krailuck Ngarm-sopa and cameraman Kasem Intapat. 
Krailuck went to a Russian university for his mass communications degree and speaks Russian. 
Kasem also has extensive experience. 
The team, headed by Thepchai, promises to offer easy-to-understand insights into the crisis. 
The viewers will get to know more about the causes and the impacts of this crisis. 
NMG is a well-established media conglomerate, which is now preparing to launch its digital-TV services.