NMG chairman resigns

Corporate March 06, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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Nation Multimedia Group Plc (NMG) Chairman Thanachai Theerapatvong has tendered his resignation, citing health problems.

 The resignation was submitted to the board of directors on Tuesday, according to a filing to the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The board also appointed Group Editor-in-Chief Suthichai Yoon as chairman.

 From now, Suthichai and Sermsin Samalapa will sign jointly with the affixation of the company's seal.  Or Suthichai or Sermsin signs jointly with CEO Thanachai Santichaikul or Director Duagkamol Chotana, altogether two

directors, for the affixation.

 The board would also propose for shareholders' approval for the re-appointment of three directors whose terms expire - Nissai Vejjajiva, Chaveng  Chariyapisuthi, and Yothin Nerngchamnong.