NINE aims for leadership in family shows

Corporate January 31, 2014 00:00

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Flagship programmes on NMG's new digital channels

Nation International Edutain-ment (NINE) believes the arrival of digital terrestrial television will present a huge opportunity for it to become a leading producer of children’s and family TV programmes. 
NINE president Torboon Puangmaha said the company was an expert in creating edutainment content after doing so for more than two decades. 
Two years ago, the company began producing shows for satellite TV broadcasters targeting family audiences. KidZone channel was designed under the concept “Play and Learn Smart”. 
Last month, NINE’s Nation Multimedia Group (NMG) sister companies won two separate licences for commercial digital TV channels. 
NBC Next Vision secured a licence for a news channel to be named Nation TV, while Bangkok Business Broadcasting grabbed one for a standard-definition variety channel called NOW. Torboon said his company planned to provide content for both these new channels. 
For Nation TV, which will be transformed from the Nation Channel currently available via cable and satellite, NINE will produce the flagship programmes running seven days a week. It is preparing five programmes for this 24-hour news station. On weekdays, viewers will get the latest updates with “Kid News” from 5.55am to 6am. 
“Kid Diary” will be aired from 7am to 7.30am and “Music Fun Fun” will be screened from 7.30am to 8am every Saturday. 
For NOW channel, NINE will focus on creating variety and talk shows to support good relationships among family members. 
The flagship programmes will include “Enjoy English”, “KidZone Show”, “KidZone Club” and “Mission Talent”. 
Under its strategic plan for digital TV, NINE aims to engage with family audiences to create brand loyalty for other media businesses under the NMG umbrella.
Equal contribution sought 
Torboon aims to see revenue from broadcasting business on par with publishing and book sales within the next couple of years, up from 20 per cent of total income now. 
“Creating consumer communities is another key mission of NINE,” he added.
NINE’s programmes on Nation TV and NOW will aim to communicate directly with target consumers. On top of that strategy, the company will focus on communicating with them via social media, mobile applications and virtual communities.
Next month, NINE plans to launch N Store as a virtual community and retail shop to distribute printed books as well as e-books. Merchandise products will be also available on this platform. 

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