NBTC tells Thaicom to provide backup channel for Bluesky

business January 16, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission on Thursday told Thaicom Plc to provide a backup channel for satellite TV Bluesky channel in case its broadcasts again suffer from interference.

NBTC secretary-general Thakorn Tanthasit said Thursday that Thaicom had agreed to provide a backup channel for Bluesky to switch to in case its broadcast again suffers from interference by illegal transmission.
Bluesky will run a message on its current channel to tell its viewers how to switch to the backup channel when interference occurs, Thakorn said.
Thakorn was speaking to reporters after he held a meeting with representatives of Bluesky and Thaicom.
Bluesky has filed a complaint with the NBTC of occasional interference with its broadcast since late November. The interference intensified on December 5 then stopped before starting again on December 9.
Bluesky representatives told Thaskorn that the interference intensified on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday especially when Suthep Thaugsuban, secretary-general of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee, was giving a speech.
Thakorn said Thaicom representatives provided the same information regarding incidents of interference.
He said Thaicom explained that the interference was made by a mobile upload unit, which attacked the transponder hosting the Bluesky channel both on Thaicom-5 and Thaicom-6 satellites. Bluesky’s upload of transmission to the satellites suffered problems with the 8 MHz frequency, Thaicom officials explained.
But, Thakorn said, he doubted that those behind the interference had attacked the entire transponder as other satellite TV operators using the same transponder on the two satellites had not complained.
Thakorn said he also asked Thaicom representatives whether Thaicom itself had jammed the transmission of Bluesky but they denied it, saying such an action would damage Thaicom’s reputation and business.
Thakorn said the NBTC would tell 16 agencies that own mobile satellite up-linking units to report to the NBTC the whereabouts of the device, as part of an investigation to find out which equipment might have been used to interfere with the Blusky transmission.

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