Mobile devices spur growth of game market

Corporate October 19, 2013 00:00

By Jirapan Boonnoon
The Nation

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The Thai digital-games market this year is expected to be worth up to Bt4 billion, which would represent growth of more than 10 per cent.

Jirattikarn Suthiwannarat, general manager of True Digital Content & Media, said the market would be valued in the region of Bt3.5 billion to Bt4 billion, driven largely by online games, which account for 60 per cent, followed by PC games (15 per cent), console games (15 per cent) and other forms of digital gaming (10 per cent).
The overall 10-per-cent growth this year is down to the rapid expansion in smart-phone and tablet use, as well as the convergence of network infrastructure with the transformation from 2G to 3G, she said. 
There are around 44 gaming companies nationwide, with around 188 online and other digital games having come onto the market, and another six now available. The market was valued at Bt2.5 billion-Bt3 billion last year.
“I think the mobile and online game market in Thailand has high potential for growth, as more game lovers have changed their behaviour and now use smart phones and tablets to play digital games. 
“Meanwhile, there is also the transformation of network infrastructure with the 2G upgrade to 3G, which allows gamers much more access to play via smart devices and tablets. Moreover, game developers and gaming companies are focusing on developing games for mobile devices to support this demand,” said Jirattikarn.
Pongsuk Hirunprueck, managing director of Show No Limit, said the market was currently experiencing a transitional period for gamers, who will have much more of an opportunity to play via tablets and other mobile devices. 
Meanwhile, game developers are focusing on creating games that are supported by mobile applications.