Mindshare launches 'Growth and Emerging Market Solutions' group

Economy March 18, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Marketing services firm Mindshare yesterday launched a full-service media unit called "Growth and Emerging Market Solutions" (Gems) headed by Deepika Nikhilender, who had led Mindshare business planning across the Asia-Pacific region.

Gems will serve the needs of companies using Singapore and other Asian cities as their central marketing hubs for managing their emerging and developing growth markets across Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other regions. 
Gems will provide marketers responsible for these regions with a broad spectrum of services including emerging-class consumer activation, mobile marketing, category communications planning, return on marketing investment, digital analytics, consulting, content development and management of quick data for insights. 
As specific sub-regional needs from clients grow, Mindshare says it will look to support the Gems Singapore hub with talent based in China, India, the Middle East, Africa and other developing markets.
Gems provides a single-window access to clients looking for specialist planning skills and implementation partners. It will house a team of client leaders along with specialists who will help develop solutions for clients, the firm said. 
Gems is designed to be an open-source partner to its clients. It will bring in bespoke planning platforms and a real-time campaign data-tracking centre that will facilitate open-source collaboration with various marketing communications partners to develop integrated marketing solutions. 
These partner companies will focus on word-of-mouth, activation, insights, data analytics and technology, and digital media – such as Kantar, Geometry Global, Advocacy and VML. Gems will also harness global partnerships with digital and mobile companies that Mindshare already has in place.
At Mindshare’s business planning group, Nikhilender led and developed the firm’s analytics, insights, strategy, and data and technology solutions. She brings extensive experience in multiple product categories across Asia, the company says. In 2010 she was chosen regional client leader for Mindshare Asia-Pacific. 
Nikhilender has been with Mindshare for 15 years.
Ashutosh Srivastava, chairman and chief executive officer for Asia-Pacific and growth markets at Mindshare, said Gems was part of a new approach using technology to create centres of excellence at a few hubs, to look at data centrally and to share talent across more markets when developing solutions. 
This model would enable clients to use all their partners more collaboratively – to create more effective solutions and drive growth – in markets where lack of experienced talent is a huge handicap. 
“We are going to run Gems like a start-up – data and tech driven, fast and flexible, provocative and founded on collaboration, with the ability to dial up and down for clients without tying up massive resource for clients,” he said.