Microsoft enjoys strong sales growth for Office 365

Corporate June 27, 2014 00:00

By Asina Pornwasin
The Nation

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Thailand is the fastest-growing market for Microsoft Office 365 in the Asia-Pacific region, especially in for commercial use, the software giant says.

Globally, Microsoft Office 365 has been adopted by 110 million users, of whom 4.4 million are in the consumer segment. 
Panjaporn Vittayalerdpun, head of the Microsoft Office business group at Microsoft (Thailand), said yesterday that Thailand had 14 million consumer and commercial users.
The beauty of Microsoft Office 365 is that it helps users get started using licensed software at a relatively low cost, which starts at hundreds per month. 
Microsoft Office 365 comes in six editions – university, home, personal, and business use in small, medium and large organisations. 
“We categorise university, home and personal as the consumer segment and business use across the sizes of companies as commercial use. Since we launched, commercial users have been very active in adopting Microsoft Office 365,” he said.
All editions come with seven main applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access and Publisher. All accounts will get free Office Mobile for iOS and Android and Office Online for use via a browser.
Microsoft Office 365 is distributed through three channels – online at, retail, and dealers, of which there are 1,800 throughout the country. 
Busakorn Suraratana, manager of business systems at Diethelm Travel (Thailand), said the company started using Microsoft Office 365 in March. It has helped the company to increase productivity and reduce information-technology costs. 
“The benefit from turning to use Microsoft Office 365, first, is to get all of our users in 12 countries to use the licensed software, which is always an up-to-date version. 
“Second, it helps us to be more flexible in increasing or reducing the licences we use in different periods of time. In the travel business, transactions are not the same throughout the year. In the low season, we use less while in the high season we use more. Microsoft Office 365 gives us flexibility. 
“And third, we don’t need to increase our IT staff to take care of our 500 users. We leave it to Microsoft’s partner. We buy from Metro System Corporation without more cost,” he said. 

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