Malaysia's favourite potato chips launched

Corporate February 11, 2012 00:00

By Kwanchai Rungfapaisarn
The Na

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Mamee-Double Decker, a major Malaysian snack manufacturer, has joined with Saha Pathanapibul in bringing to Thailand the most popular and best-selling potato chip in Malaysia, Mister Potato.


The company aims to capture 5 per cent of the local potato-chip market in the first year and become a top-two player in the next three to five years.
Lim Sze Hau, international sales and marketing manager at Mamee-Double Decker, who oversees Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Burma and Cambodia, said the company had recognised the growing potential of the snacks market in Thailand. In particular, potato chips share a big slice of the pie, with 70 per cent of this Bt23-billion market.
He said the top three players in Thailand’s potato-chip market were Lay’s, Pringles and Testo. 
“We will compete closely against Lay’s and Pringles, which are imported brands like us. Meanwhile, Testo is a local brand,” Lim said. “There is also a high possibility for the company to set up a factory in Thailand, as the market has quite a potential over here. The company currently has a production facility for potato chips and other snack products in Burma.” 
He said the growth potential for the snack market in Thailand had motivated Mamee-Double Decker to launch Mister Potato here by joining with Saha Pathanapibul, which will be its sole authorised dealer in the Thai market. 
In the initial stage, Mister Potato products will be available in 100-gram canisters. 
Other packaging formats such as packs will be launched soon afterwards to accommodate different demands of consumers. The companies expect Mister Potato to generate sales of 40,000 canisters per month in its first year. 
Kevin Choo, marketing manager for international business at Mamee-Double Decker, explained the marketing strategy planned for Mister Potato in Thailand. 
“Mister Potato is the first snack brand ever selected as a sponsor of Manchester United, with millions of fans around the world. 
“Our three-year partnership with Manchester United is worth over Bt300 million and, in return, it grants us a number of special privileges. These include the right to commercially use the beloved Manchester United logo, as well as to display our banners as their sponsor and to be the only potato-chip products to be sold at the team’s Old Trafford Stadium.”