Make a quick deal at the FAST show

Auto & Audio May 16, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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With the Thai automobile market speeding downhill by more than 40 per cent during the first quarter of the year, automakers are hoping that sales will accelerate in the second half. And while major auto shows are held in December and March, the remaining period offers a chance for other organisations to stage similar events. 
One of these is the Fast Auto Show Thailand 2014 (FAST), which is being held from July 2-6 for the third straight year and will feature 12 automakers along with certified used cars from top dealers. 
“The show’s concept is FAST, in other words making it ‘fast’ for people to make a decision to buy and get financing,” said Pattanadesh Asasappakij, president of King of Auto Product and organising chairman of the show. 
Targeted at stimulating the auto market in the second half of 2014, especially in the eastern part of Bangkok, the show will utilise an exhibition space of 10,000 sqm at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center’s (Bitec) Hall 106. 
Pattanadesh said the show is expected to follow the success of its previous editions – last year’s event witnessed more than 270,000 visitors and 3,900 vehicle orders. 
“Even though the Thai auto market this year is slowing, there is still demand for new and used cars. The highlight of the show is that it is a platform displaying brand new cars from 12 leading automakers and certified used cars from reliable top auto dealers. The concept FAST offers special promotions, making it faster for buyers to make a decision. Loans will be approved in no time, making it easy for visitors to purchase a car. We expect the number of visitors to exceed 300,000, with 4,000 vehicle bookings this year,” he said. 
Chalatchai Paphatphong, the show’s vice organising chairman for new cars, said the auto market for new cars in the first quarter saw a steep decline due to the political turmoil and a sluggish economy. 
“However, we feel that in the middle of the year it is a good time to stimulate the overall market. It is because the demand for cars during this period of time is a cycle when car users want to change their vehicles. So there are some consumers who are waiting for a good time to buy a car,” Chalatchai pointed out. 
The 12 leading automakers that will join the event are Citroen, Deva, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Skoda, Suzuki and Toyota. 
Asadavut Asasappakij, vice organising chairman for used cars, said the overall used-car market remains steady for now. 
“We can still see some activity, which reflects real market demand and consumer behaviour in choosing a vehicle to match the current economic environment. Regarding used car trends for this year, there is good momentum for vehicles with an engine capacity lower than 1500cc. This type of vehicle started to gain popularity among the broader population, with reasonable prices of between Bt300,000-Bt400,000. For vehicles higher than 1,500cc, including European vehicles, the trends are in line with market mechanisms,” Asadavut said. 
“Fast Auto Show Thailand 2014 wants buyers and sellers to enjoy making quick deals for their mutual satisfaction,” Pattanadesh pitched in. “Apart from featuring and selling both brand new and used vehicles, the show will have a ‘centre stage’ for sales promotional activities, with test-drive tracks located not far from the venue. All used cars are certified and passed after undergoing a thorough check by experts. I am confident the show will help liven up the auto market and help it become more robust during the mid-year and create a positive impact on the auto business throughout the year,” he added.