Live traffic reports from JS100 Radio added to Nostra Map app

Corporate March 07, 2014 00:00

By Asina Pornwasin
The Nation

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Nostra Map Thailand has joined with JS100 Radio to add live traffic reports to its mobile application, including accidents and other events that might affect traffic, in Bangkok and surrounding provinces.

Since Nostra Map Thailand itself was launched in August 2012, the app has had 700,000 downloads. The collaboration with JS100 Radio is expected to take that figure to 1 million downloads by the end of this year. Nostra Map Thailand has around a million points of interests with an accuracy rate within 4 metres.
Vichai Saenghirunwattana, general manager of GlobeTech, which developed the Nostra Map Thailand application, said the link-up with JS100 Radio would integrate traffic and related information on to the map layer. 
The app is supported by both iOS and Android platforms. 
“It will be available on Windows Phone this year,” he said.
Traffic and related information fed from JS100 Radio will be added to the app’s existing information layers included current location, Nostra Traffic, PTT stations, hotels and accommodations, Wongnai restaurants, and Tourism Authority of Thailand locations, he said.
This app is provided for free of charge, with revenue coming from advertising and commercialisation of the application programming interface (API) to businesses for their own purposes. 
Nostra Map Thailand is a free map service under the cloud model. The collaboration with JS100 Radio will add value for users, Vichai said.
15 to 20m users 
“Nowadays, many people use smartphones. Currently, there are around 15 million users, expected to rise to 20 million by the end of this year. We really hope that Nostra Map Thailand will be a must-have app for people’s smartphones.” 
Suwimol Puengprasert, executive director of Pacific Corporation, which operates JS100 Radio, said Nostra Map Thailand was the latest channel for the station’s live traffic reports, which are also available via Facebook and Twitter. “In an era when almost all people carry smartphones, we need to get our live traffic reports out to them digitally,” she said.
She added that the company had a dedicated team to oversee the live traffic reports via this application. Initially, it will provide traffic information only, but in the near future, it will allow users to input information, such as pinpointing the exact current location of accident or other incidents themselves. However, JS100 Radio will verify this information first before passing it on to other users. 
“We have an information-verification team to check, verify, and add such information to our community members via the phone and social-media channels,” Suwimol said.
The app will also allow attachments of photos and video clips. This information can be also merged on to the map to show other users where they are.