Line Corp setting up Thai office, its third after SK, Japan

Corporate March 28, 2014 00:00

By Jirapan Boonnoon
The Nation

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Line Corporation has chosen Thailand for its third national office after South Korea and the headquarters in Japan. The firm will also announce two new games to appeal to the local market.

Line is a proprietary application for instant messaging on smartphones and personal computers. Thailand country director Jin-woo Lee said the number of Line users in the Kingdom was growing quickly, now more than 24 million. Therefore, the firm has set up an office here. 
Line now has 390 million users worldwide. Japan is the biggest market, with 50 million users, then Thailand, followed by Indonesia with 20 million. 
The firm also has strategies to provide localised service, local content and local partnerships. 
Line plans to provide two games to the Thai market in the first half of the year. They are Line Ranger, an armed-rescue game, and Line Get Rich, where players travel to famous cities and get rich. 
As well, there is a new Line call service. It allows Line users to call their families and friends via fixed-line or mobile phones. 
The Line Store, meanwhile, allows local developers or creators to provide their stickers at and share revenue with its partners. 
Line has also entered the e-commerce market via Line Mall. It plans to provide Line music, video calls, and three new games per month. 
“Line came to Bangkok in June 2011. At that time, we had no office. Thailand now has 24 million Line users, which makes it the second-biggest market for Line,” Lee said.
He said Line had market capitalisation of US$23.3 billion (Bt759 billion) with 8,500 employees globally. The firm has provided 300 million game downloads worldwide. It now is the world’s fifth-largest search engine. Its revenue is 60 per cent from games, 20 per cent from stickers and 20 per cent from official account services. 
The firm expects to have 100 employees in Thailand by the end of this year. It now provides 79 Line family applications to users and 12 games such as Line POP, Line Bubble and Line Party Run. 
It also provides Line Cookie Run, a jump and slide game, to the Thai market. It now has 10 million downloads, the top-grossing and top free game for iOS and Android mobile-phone environments. 

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