Learn to drive an Aston Martin on ice at St Moritz

Auto & Audio May 02, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Supercar brands are of course aimed at the rich and famous, but like mass-market vehicle brands, they too are keen on carrying out marketing events you are barely used to seeing - especially when you're whisked to exotic locations for heart-pounding, tyre

Take the Aston Martin On Ice 2014 driving experience event held at St Moritz, Switzerland, for instance. Held consecutively for the past six years to uncover their cars’ advanced engineering capabilities, the event brings together Aston Martin customers from all around the world, including Thailand. 
At 3,200 euros a pop or roughly Bt144,000, you can wrap yourself in the confined luxury of a deluxe single room at St Moritz’s 5-star Kempsinki des Baines resort and wake up to “the best breakfast in Switzerland” before experiencing the newest Aston Martin model range as most owners of this brand have never experienced before. 
Winter tyres combined with sophisticated electronic safety systems offer an extraordinary snow-and-ice driving experience. This special programme, guided by professional instructors, enables participants to develop personal skills for an amazing “On Ice” drive. 
All Aston Martin cars are provided. All that you as a customer need to do is catch a flight in early February from Suvarnabhumi airport to Zurich, hop on a 133-Swiss-franc (Bt4,900) 1st-class train to St Moritz, and get a good night’s sleep. But recommended is a 2nd class seat, which costs about 75 francs since there’s not much difference in seating comfort. 
The On Ice training starts at 8.45am with a transfer from hotel to the ice field, and after a lunch break training resumes from 1pm to 4pm. You also get to enjoy a hot lap as co-driver with one of Aston Martin’s professional drivers on the ice track, which in this particular event happened to be Aston Martin Europe managing director Wolfgang Schuhbauer, who is a seasoned driver with exceptional drifting skills. 
Training begins with slalom manoeuvres, evasive braking and 180-degree reverse manoeuvres that leave you feeling like James Bond making a hot yet smooth getaway from the bad guys. The trick is to get a feel for the Aston Martin’s power, balanced set-up and driveability in such challenging terrain as the snow covered track at St Moritz. 
For Aston Martin enthusiasts who want to experience the exciting On Ice programme, contact ukrit.poshyanonda@astonmartin-bangkok.com.