Launch of digital GMM Channel may be put off

Corporate August 14, 2014 01:00


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GMM GRAMMY might not formally launch its second terrestrial digital GMM Channel until next year be-cause it needs to ensure sustainable growth for its flagship One HD channel.

Saithip Montrikul Na Audhaya, co-chief executive officer, said her firm also wanted to make sure that the audience for digital terrestrial TV would be big enough for another variety TV channel, which would represent the brand of the country’s largest media conglomerate.

The company has witnessed some uncertainties in the industry while GMM Channel wants to make sure that its programmes and schedule reflect real demand from its target audience – young adults and working people.

About 60 per cent of airtime would be taken by in-house productions and the rest by content from outside production houses.

GMM Channel would be a re-source pool of film and TV production and music for the company’s subsidiaries.

“We will combine the strengths of GTH, Index Creative Village and Green FM radio station into this channel,” she said.

Saithip, who is responsible for GMM Channel, wants to learn from the best practices of One HD, which will soft-launch with a Bt300-million budget for new programmes.

One HD focuses on prime time from 5-10pm. Evening news runs from 5-6pm, the “Daily Magazine” variety show from 6-7pm and situation comedies until 8pm. Filling the 8.10-10.10pm slot will be a special programme called “10 Years of Love: The Star TV Special”. News shows on One HD are produced and overseen by well-known anchor Narakorn Tiyayon, whose team would also produce news programmes for GMM Channel, Saithip said.