Kantana aims to ride demand for content in digital TV era

Corporate January 17, 2014 00:00

By Watchiranont Thongtep
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Kantana Group, the country's leading entertainment powerhouse, seems to be spotlighted and admired the most by new digital TV broadcasters because of its flair for home-grown TV productions, deep library of international, well-recognised TV formats and in

Looking forward to its partnership with six digital TV broadcasters, Kantana Group is confident that its TV production unit will generate Bt1.6 billion-Bt1.7 billion next year, up from Bt1.2 billion last year, and this will sharply increase the company’s revenue from media spending.
The debuts of 24 commercial digital terrestrial TV channels in April will create more room for both broadcasters that will operate their own stations and independent production houses. 
It will be a huge challenge for the broadcast industry to manage airtime with the 24 digital channels needing 576 hours a day, instead of six analog channels using up 144 hours a day.
Huge demand 
“This means there will also be huge demand for content. With this in mind, Kantana has in the pipeline many shows and series, especially in the international content category,” Jaruek Kaljareuk, executive chairman, said yesterday.
The company had secured the broadcast rights to several formats of shows that are international hits such as “Gossip Girl”, “Ugly Betty”, “The Face”, “Don’t Lose The Money”, “The Taste”, “Thailand Idol” and “Slide Show”. 
“We are confident that these shows in the Thai version will be well received by viewers,” he said. 
The TV production arm of the group earmarks about Bt500 million-Bt600 million for production of those international shows while it will spend Bt200 million to secure about 40 TV formats. 
For local content, Kantana is equipped with teams of experts in the creation and production of content to complement the viewer profiles of TV stations, such as “The Weirdos of Thailand”, “Millionaire Pretty Queen” and many other successful shows airing on Kantana’s own satellite TV channel. The unit will still produce shows for other TV stations and this business is expected to grow, due to the company’s readiness. 

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