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Joining hands to strengthen women's role

Siam Makro staff give disabled women tips on how to become successful entrepreneurs.

Siam Makro staff give disabled women tips on how to become successful entrepreneurs.

P&G, Siam Makro launch campaign to support disabled women; their carers

Women play a big role in any society, including Thailand's.

Today's Thai women juggle two roles - taking care of their family as wives and mothers and financially supporting their family as workers outside the home.

National Statistical Office data reveal that women make up 47 per cent of Thailand's workforce. But more can be done to make them successful, according to Procter and Gamble Trading (Thailand) and Siam Makro. Both companies appreciate the potential of modern women who are accomplished both in their households and their communities.

As Procter and Gamble's "Responsible Women Entrepreneur" project runs into its second year, Siam Makro has jumped on the bandwagon.

In support of the National Council of Women and the National Office for Empowerment of Persons with Disability, this year's activities are aimed at supporting disabled women and carers of the disabled.

They can be assisted to become strong, and get an equal footing with the rest of society through development of their career skills and promotion of their duties as mothers and community leaders.

Training sessions on "how to professionally manage your store" were held for disabled women and carers of the disabled who operate small retail businesses or are planning to do so. The focus was on strategies and secrets of managing a retail business successfully. P&G has also presented Bt1 million worth of products to the National Council of Women.

"P&G Thailand is an organisation that has continually valued women because we believe that women's power as mothers, career women or leaders of organisations is part of the foundation for a better society in the future.

"So we strive to introduce activities that will help improve their potential and quality of life so that they can stand strong in today's society," Kannika Jarusuraisin, director of external relations, said recently.

"We are very happy to be in partnership with Makro in organising Responsible Women Entrepreneur again this year in order to continue our intention to develop Thai women's abilities."

Activities this year are about educating women's organisations outside of Bangkok, she said.

Paruda Promlert, president of the National Council of Women, explained that through the training, women can support their families and become successful in their jobs as mothers, housewives and community leaders.

"Plus, the companies are also inspiring the general public to support the project in the future," she said.

Somjai Suriyasin, senior manager for MRA development of Siam Makro, said the project corresponds to the company's concern for social responsibility. The company has organised activities to help small retailers under the campaign "Makro, a True Friend of Retailers".

P&G and Makro have also invited their consumers to join the campaign by buying P&G products at any Makro branch.

On the flipside, though Thai women are gaining in overall status, in certain social circles they still face discrimination, including violence. Women who cannot fend for or support themselves financially are especially vulnerable.

P&G has carried out a campaign to explore people's opinions called "My World", which allowed participants to express their views on the importance of dealing with issues of sexual inequality, violence against women and support for the unemployable. The hope is to improve the quality of life for Thai women.

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