Jasmine Fund won't need licence to lease own network: panel

Economy March 12, 2014 00:00

By Usanee Mongkolporn
The Nation

The working group of the telecom committee will next week submit its conclusion to the committee that the infrastructure fund of Jasmine International has no need to apply for a telecom licence to lease the networks belonging to the fund.

A source from the panel said yesterday that the backbone network of Triple T Broadband owned by the fund would be leased only to Triple T Internet and TT&T Subscriber Services, not to any third parties. 
Jasmine is the parent of Triple T Broadband, Triple T Internet and TT&T Subscriber Services.
Under the Telecom Act, the telecom service operators that need to apply for a licence are those offering a service to the public, not just to some groups of people.
The panel is looking into the case at the request of the fund manager.
BBL Asset Management Co has advised the National Broadcasting and Telecom-munications Commission that there are two phases of the fund’s assets. The first phase gets the existing assets of Triple T Broadband, including 670,000 core kilometres of fibre-optic cable, 18,000 access nodes for ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) service and 1.6 million ports for ADSL cable-to-home users.
Over the next three years, the second phase will add 147,000 core kilometres of fibre-optic cable, 10,200 access nodes and 650,000 ports.
This is the second telecom infrastructure fund following the True Telecommu-nication Growth Infrastructure Fund, which raised Bt58 billion last December.
In the TRUEGIF case, the telecom committee ruled that if the fund were available for leasing to any party, it would need to apply for a telecom licence. However, only True Group is leasing the network from the fund.