Jarken and Singapore's Consulus join forces to form design consultancy

Corporate November 26, 2015 01:00


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JARKEN, a provider of construction, architectural and interior-design services, has linked up with a Singapore-based company, Consulus, to offer business remodelling services, hoping to make Thailand an Asean hub of business design within three years.

Siritorn Sitthiwattanawong, managing director of Jarken Group, said that since 2014, the company had been a multi-disciplinary design firm offering graphic design services and consulting services to furniture and fashion companies.

“We strongly believe that ‘design’ and ‘business’ are interconnected and have |the ability to ensure work efficiency. |The company is therefore joining hands with Consulus, a Singaporean firm that helps companies, governments and non-profit organisations achieve sustainable growth by redesigning their organisations, business models and experiences,” she said.

Consulus is a global innovation and design consultancy with business-management and multi-disciplinary creative capabilities. With more than a decade of experience, the company now serves clients in 18 countries.

Jarken and Consulus have decided to merge under the name “Jarken Consulus”, with total registered capital of Bt10 million. Consulus of Singapore owns 49-per- cent stake in the new Jarken Consulus company.

Jarken Consulus acts as an advisory firm that helps companies enhance their quality, services and production as well as increase the potential of their departments such as financial management, human resources, public relations and marketing.

The company believes that “design” is not just about beauty, but is a main component of a business’ configuration.

Doing business can also be considered a design work, given that each company has its own distinctiveness that it wants to present. This is why a company has to make each of its departments outstanding with firm and stable fundamentals according to the firm’s vision and objectives, in order for the company to grow sustainably and be able to utilise maximum potential inside and outside the firm.

Jarken Consulus says the merging of the two companies allows it to initiate a new business model that best suits businesses in Thailand because it hires experts and skilled personnel from many business sectors who understand the country’s business culture.

The company provides consulting services in six categories: construction, property management, financial management and banking, manufacturing, tourism and hospitality, and design businesses.

In Thailand, business-design services are considered new. The company knows that for a business to grow, it is crucial that the it formulate a well-thought-out business plan that comprises its image, products, services, human resources and effective communication methods, all of which have to move forward in the same direction.

“Jarken Consulus aims to help its clients become strong and successful firms and a driving force in the development of the country and the world’s economies. Its main objective is to make Thailand a business design hub of Asean in three years,” Siritorn said.  

At present, the combined value of consulting and design projects in Thailand is about Bt6 billion. Up to 85 per cent of these projects belong to the government and the rest to the private sector. Consulting projects alone represent 10 per cent of the Bt6 billion.

Jarken Group raked in Bt425 million in 2014 and expects this year’s revenue to top Bt500 million.

Lawrence Chong, chief executive officer of Consulus, said the main objective of this cooperation was to increase the effectiveness of the company’s work while helping clients restructure their firms.

Jarken Consulus will spend four to six months to lay down a strong organisational model and business model as well as create “brand experience” within the clients’ firms. It says it conducts thorough and in-depth studies of the firms’ business management, operations, problems and obstacles before providing effective solutions, which will in turn allow its clients to grow in a sustainable manner.

The business environment is extremely competitive nowadays. Should any organisation realise this important fact and develop itself in a systematic way |as well as adopt new approaches, there |are higher chances of it becoming successful and moving ahead of its competitors.

Research can help Jarken Consulus upscale the standards of its clients, improve productivity, elevate the potential to offer services that meet demand in the market, eliminate unnecessary or duplicate procedures, reduce costs and unnecessary expenses, open doors for new businesses, penetrate new markets, develop marketing strategies, create positive and unforgettable images, and seek new trading partners.

Not only does Jarken Consulus give advice on organisational development in terms of products and services, its main goal is to overhaul the entire structure of an organisation including financial management, human-resource management, communications and public relations, marketing activities, and other departments.