IPSTAR named wholesaler for Australian Internet Service Providers

business August 04, 2014 17:25

By The Nation

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Australia-based NBN Co is using Thaicom's satellite service to boost the number of broadband connections for Australians who cannot access an existing commercial broadband service.

In a statement, Thaicom announced that its subsidiary IPSTAR Australia (IPA) won a new contract from the client.  Under the NBN Co Satellite Support (NSS) Scheme, IPA is appointed an official wholesaler and will deliver the scheme together with participating Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Australia. 
“Bringing broadband to the most remote communities across Australia is one of NBN Co’s highest priorities," said NBN Co Chief Customer Officer, John Simon. "It gives residents access to e-health, distance education and Internet banking, while businesses can benefit from increased productivity, reduced costs and access to new markets. With high demand for broadband in regional areas, this initiative is essential to providing a reliable service to families and businesses that cannot access a commercial broadband service today.”
Patompob Suwansiri, Thaicom's chief marketing officer, noted that since 2005 Thaicom has delivered satellite Internet services via the IPSTAR satellite to Australia’s remote communities that otherwise could not have accessed a commercial broadband service. 
"I am proud IPSTAR continues to make a difference in the life of many Australian’s and the country’s education, farming, and health sectors.”
According to NBN Co, the NSS Scheme will connect up to 9,000 additional premises in remote and regional mainland Australia and Tasmania, until NBN Co’s Long Term Satellite Service (LTSS) will be launched in late 2015.  The NSS is exclusively available for users who are unable to access a commercial broadband service. 
Premises eligible for the NSS must be within line of sight of the IPSTAR broadband satellite, and have never been subscribed to a service via the Australian Broadband Guarantee (ABG) or the Interim Satellite Service (ISS). The NSS Scheme is designed to deliver wholesale speeds of up to 4 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload.  IPSTAR will provide Internet Service Providers with a minimum download performance equivalent to 2.6 Mbps for 20.4 hours per day.