INET to build third data centre

Corporate September 29, 2015 01:00


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INTERNET Thailand (INET) announced yesterday that it would build its third and largest data centre upcountry in 2016.

Because of the rapid growth of cloud services, which now contribute 40 per cent of INET’s revenue, the company has been growing its cloud business over the past three years.
For the next three years, INET managing director Morragot Kulatumyotin said, the company would have to invest to scale up its business, especially cloud-related operations. 
“This year, we aim to grow by around 30 per cent from 2014, which saw revenue of Bt520 million,” she said.
INET has four main business units: cloud solutions, Internet access, data centres, and services. They account for 40, nearly 30, 20 and around 10 per cent of revenue respectively. 
Its current customers are 500 organisations, 70 per cent are in the private sector – 50 per cent mid-to-large organisation and 20 per cent small businesses – and the rest in the government sector. 
Morragot said INET’s planned to move forward in cloud business with the aim of penetrating more of the private sector. 
“The cloud can help businesses speed up their operations and become more competitive, while reducing costs. Our customers are in sectors such as insurance, agriculture, banking, real estate, and hospitals,” Morragot said.
She added that INET’s strategy was to provide cloud as a utility. It will offer its customers a choice of cloud services – public, private, hybrid, and hyperscale. 
Siam Cement Group and PTT Retail Management Company are cloud customers of INET.
The company claimed that based on the number of VMware licences, INET has around 30 per cent of the cloud market in Thailand and is ranked in the top three in Southeast Asia. 
To support its continued growth in cloud business, the company plans to establish its third Internet data centre somewhere upcountry about 100 kilometres from Bangkok next year. Construction of the more than 3,000-square-metre data centre will take the whole year and the centre will start service in early 2017.
INET currently has two data centres covering 2,700sqm in total. 
“The new data centre will be our largest and will increase INET’s [business] over the next three years,” Morragot said.
INET has received a Board of Investment tax incentive for investment in cloud services for eight years. INET’s cloud system was certified last month by Cloud Security Alliance – Security, Trust and Assurance Registry (CSA-STAR).
According INET’s website, its business can be divided into two major groups, namely Internet access and business solutions including cloud service, EDC (electronic draft capture) network pool service, and software service.

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