Hi! Managers: Ten ways to motive yourself and others

Economy December 28, 2011 00:00

By Jean-Francois Cousin

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How significant do you want to be in 2012?

How about being an inspiring partner, parent, boss, radiating positive energy to people around you?

Here are 10 easy and ‘natural’ ways to make this happen.

1 Who can ask you almost anything… and you will do it for them? Reflect on why. Isn’t that someone who has consistently and visibly cared about you? Then how about you care visibly, even more, about others? They will care even more about you. And if you are a boss, keep in mind what the 20th century management guru Peter Drucker said: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.

2 Who really listens to you? I mean really listens to you! How do they do that? And how do you feel then? May I guess? They choose to believe you are an important and interesting person, so they give you their full attention, their time, and silence; they don’t interrupt you; they take time to appreciate and think about what you said before they answer; they ask you to elaborate further, and you feel respected, honoured even, and you think at your best, and the conversation energises you. If that’s right for you, how about you offer even more real listening to others?

3 When was the last time you felt completely free to do something you like? How did you feel then? How was that energy in you? What will happen if you just set yourself free and let go more often? Offer others more choices? Empower subordinates in a way they won’t be afraid of failure?

4 What’s your dream? What are the dreams of those around you? How about starting to make them happen in 2012?

5 Who was your best boss so far? What was he or she doing to deserve that honour? Possibly some of the above. And isn’t he or she the one who increased your professional or personal value the most? How about you do just that for yourself and for others in 2012? And regularly check-in with the question “what have I/you learnt this month? How can I/you leverage that learning further?”

6 When was the last time someone helped you find out a new possibility in or for you? How did you feel in the moment? And what did you do then? How about you awaken more possibilities in and for yourself and people around you, all along this New Year? Not as a rescuer of others, who solves the issue, but builds-up dependency, instead of as a humble thinking-partner. And if you don’t see light shining in others’ eyes when you are attempting to do that, ask yourself: “Who am I being that I don’t yet ignite a spark in their minds?”

7 Have you heard the real story of five children who were chosen at random in a primary school and told “you are lucky to have an exceptional ability for learning, you will do very well at school”? One year later, those five children had all improved their scores tremendously. May I assume that when someone tells you “I believe YOU can do it” you also unleash a lot of energy to do it, and honour the confidence placed in you? How about you do more of that for yourself and for others, going forward?

8 In “Awaken the Giant Within”, Tony Robbins wrote “we crave variety; there needs to be enough uncertainty to provide spice and adventure in our lives”. How about you spice up your life and start doing new things in 2012, embrace adventure and inspire others to do so?

9 Now, how about love? That special connection which makes you and all of us feel so good, so great. Bring it on! More of it! Now.

10 When was the last time you felt proud? How powerful was that moment? How about you make this happen for you and others more often? And, as a boss, make sure you don’t miss chances to recognise – or better: celebrate – achievements and make your people proud.

--Heather Small captures a lot when she sings “Proud”:

I look into the window of my mindReflections of the fears I know I’ve left behindRealise that to question is how we grow

So I step out of the ordinaryI can feel my soul ascending‘'m on my wayCan’t stop me nowAnd you can do the same You could be so many peopleIf you make that break for freedomWhat have you done today to make you feel proud?It’s never too late to try

We need a change So do it today Cause I can see a clear horizon.”

Be the change you want to see in 2012, and have an inspired and inspiring New Year with those you love and will love!

Jean-Francois Cousin is an accredited executive coach

www.1-2-win.net and the former managing director of a Fortune-500 company in Thailand. Follow his articles in Hi!Managers every fourth Wednesday of the month.