'Happiness is looking at the bright side of things'

Economy June 29, 2012 00:00

By Sasikarn Watthanachan

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When we are born, the first thing we do is cry.


Have you ever wondered if it is a cry of happiness or pain? 
I asked this question to Pita Limjaroenrat, the managing director of CEO Agrifood, and he said it actually depends on how you see it, just like a coin has two different sides.
Pita is a successful young Thai professional who has faced many huge challenges in his life. He is seen by the public as a young billionaire but behind the scenes he is an ordinary, hard-working man who is committed to succeed.
Though his schedule is fully booked with back-to-back meetings and business trips, he still finds the time to relax by taking photos and riding bikes.
“Taking photos is like memory-keeping. It allows you to flash your great moments back anytime you want just to take a look at them,” he says.
Pita considers photography as consisting of two separate elements: art and science. It is through the successful combination of these two that the creation of perfect photographs can be accomplished.
Once, he went on a month-long leisure trip to the US and found out after the trip that all of his photos were underexposed. So he started to explore his passion with photography courses to gain insights on capturing the moment. 
His favourite is the oldie double-lens Rolleiflex camera, which he got as a gift from his father-in-law.
“It is very unique. Apart from beautiful photos, it also teaches me to be patient. Nowadays, we live in the fast-moving pace of the modern world and pay less attention and less emphasis to each aspect of our life. This camera teaches me to slow it down and enjoy the moment,” he explains.
Apart from photography, he also likes riding mini bikes. He’s got quite a collection of those, including Honda Zoomer, Honda Chaly and his favourite – Honda Gorilla.
“Biking is so much fun. Words cannot describe the feeling.  Riding my Gorilla could be perfectly complemented by having my wife [Chutima limcharoenrat] at the back. Unfortunately, she doesn’t like it as much as I do,” he says.
Fascinated with their classic looks, Pita usually rides the bikes to see people’s lives in the early morning. From the riding moments, he learns that happiness is, in fact, always with us. No matter where we are, what we do. Just look at the bright side of life and then we can discover it.
“I really admire Warren Buffett’s way of thinking and living. We all have the highest and lowest point in life. We must go through it wisely. We must live in the present, without guilt of the past or fear of the future. And all the problems are for solving, not for worrying about,” he adds.
Sasikarn Watthanachan is a communications professional. She may be contacted at executiveunseen@yahoo.com.