Haier deploys networking strategy, increases warranties

Corporate January 10, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Appliance brand Haier brought in about Bt1.8 billion in sales revenue last year, said Wu Yong, managing director of Haier Electrical Appliances (Thailand) Co.

Haier says it is embarking on the fifth stage of its 30-year developmental phase, a networking strategy. 
With online networking systems constantly expanding and developing along with advanced technologies and users’ heightened accessibility to diverse information, Haier found that the world has drastically changed, and so have consumers’ lifestyles and needs. 
Believing that traditional businesses are in need of a radical transformation to be in tune with the Internet age, Haier has encouraged its customers to make use of all available channels to express their demands. Through the China-based company’s worldwide resources, it says such demands will be responded to promptly. To achieve this, Haier says it has changed from a manufacturer to a service provider. 
 “This year, in accordance with Haier’s networking strategy, the group has started implementing a global re-brand that sees its logo re-imagined with a navy-blue tone to replace the deep red of the past, signifying its creative and innovative intelligent technologies,” Wu said. 
“The dot on the ‘i’ in the new Haier logo also changes from a square to a spherical shape, mirroring the brand’s presence as a global networked enterprise with an Internet platform at the heart of it. And, to embody the age of networking and infinite connection, the surrounding graphics will also be borderless.” 
Wu said that through Haier’s 10 years of operation in Thailand, the local unit had developed its own core values and corporate cultures. Its T-Haier culture combined with a localised implementation of the Haier Group’s strategies has enabled the company to understand and connect with its customers, he said. 
To demonstrate this, Haier has introduced a “Care +” campaign, which extends the warranty on its air-conditioners from three years to five.
“Haier first introduced the three-year-warranty campaign in 2010. Throughout the three years we have been running the campaign, Thai customers’ response to the company’s products and services have been exceptional,” Wu said. 
“To set the standard of exemplary customer service for the whole industry, Haier, as an air-conditioner market leader, hereby announces the extension of our three-year warranty campaign to five years. Other Haier products are also included in the campaign: three years for freezers, triple what other brands are offering; three years for refrigerators, with a five-year warranty on compressors; and also three years for TV sets.” 
Wu also announced the company’s new product line-up for 2014. Haier is introducing new ranges of one-door and two-door refrigerators featuring both model and minor changes in design and colours. 
The latest range of Haier air-conditioners, designed to entice environmentally responsible consumers, uses R410A refrigerant, which is energy-efficient and has no impact on the atmospheric ozone layer. 
The company’s new models of automatic and twin-cylinder washing machines will now be available in jumbo size. 
For freezers and beverage coolers, Haier offers a range of products with two- and three-door models. As well, 10 different Haier smart TV models are on offer.
“The year 2014 will see Haier charge ahead relentlessly to provide top-quality products that best satisfy consumers’ needs. We are confident that the ‘Care +’ campaign will help us earn their recognition and affection in order to become their top choice for household appliances,” Wu said.
Haier was ranked in 2013 as the world’s No 1 major home-appliances brand for the fifth consecutive year with a 9.7-per-cent retail volume share, according to Euromonitor International. In 2009, its first year at the top of the rankings, Haier’s retail volume share was 5.1 per cent.