Exotic rides on growing world popularity of Thai food

Corporate August 29, 2012 00:00


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Exotic Food, a producer and exporter of Thai seasoning products, sees increasing opportunities overseas from the growing popularity of Thai food around the world.

The company aims, therefore, to expand its export us customers.

With its new business strategy, the company expects a 15-per-cent sales increase per year. It is also confident that the Prime Minister's Export Award 2012 it has received in the Thai-owned brand category will build confidence in the brand among its |local and international trade partners.

Vasana Jantarach, deputing managing director of Exotic Food, which produces and exports more than 200 seasoning products |and food ingredients, yesterday said the rising popularity of |Thai food popularity around the world had created a vast opportunity for Thai food producers, including those making seasoning products.

“Ready-to-eat foods and ready-to-drink beverages will enable customers in international markets to get to know and taste more Thai foods through the Exotic Food brand. Our strength is to keep the authentic taste of Thai food as far as possible and to make foods that are easy to eat,” she said.

The expansion of Exotic Food's business abroad will support the government’s Kitchen of the World policy, she added.

Exotic Food will also introduce Thai tea and coffee in international markets. It has put aside a budget to produce the new drinks and will launch them at 10 international food fairs.

“All these plans and new products will drive sales at least 15 per cent per year, with more than 99 per cent of our sales coming from international markets,” Vasana said.

The executive said the company would use its pull strategy to expand its export markets by gathering Information related to customer demand from distributors and participating in trade shows to collect direct information from buyers.

This will help it analyse |the market trend, develop |new products and build brand awareness through consistent marketing activities.

“The most important factor is the quality and high standard of production, because international supermarkets are very concerned about this.

“We will ensure the production process and quality and safety of our food products, otherwise we will risk being sued overseas,” |she said, adding that food safety standards differ from country to country.