Companies selling big-screen TVs, beer thrive on World Cup

Economy June 14, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Fans to enjoy a beverage or two as they watch matches on home sets

Thai businesses are looking forward to a sales boost triggered by the Fifa World Cup tournament. 
Thai Beverage, producer of Chang beer, is preparing a marketing budget of Bt80 million to cash in on higher demand for alcoholic drinks during the soccer matches as well as festivals coming up later in the year.
The alcoholic-beverage market is improving at the moment and ThaiBev is quite confident in allocating about 80 per cent of its remaining promotional budget this year to such beverages and Chang beer in particular, said senior vice president Vichet Tantivanich.
He said the local broadcasts of the World Cup would be a positive factor driving beer consumption. People would want to buy beer to enjoy watching the tournament at home, as the broadcasting time would be late at night or in the small hours of the morning. 
The curfew would also deter many people from watching the soccer matches at entertainment venues such as pubs and restaurants. But at the same time, the cancellation of the curfew in many tourism destinations and major cities would also help the beverage market be more active.
“We believe that the overall beverage market will be on the up-trend in the second half of this year. The beer market itself will be better this year, driven by the World Cup and festive events during the fourth quarter of this year,” Vichet said.
Sa-angthip Amornchat, vice president for marketing at PowerBuy, a leading electrical-appliance retailer, said the company’s sales revenue from flat-screen TV sets was expected to surge by 20-30 per cent year on year during May and June, while unit sales of TVs would up by 15-20 per cent.
Need for clarity 
“This means that individual consumers have bought more large-screen TVs during the period as they want to enjoy clearer pictures of the Fifa World Cup tournament, with all 64 matches now being broadcast on free-TV channels. This is quite different from the previous period when smaller-screen TVs, particularly 32-inch models, enjoyed the highest sales,” she said.
Sa-angthip said many TV suppliers had also launched proactive promotions to cash in on the local broadcast of World Cup tournaments.
“The power seizure by the National Council for Peace and Order has brought peace to Thailand and no violence has been happening. It brings back confidence to consumers who have begun a happy mood for shopping.” 
She added that the rebound of purchases had been seen most obviously with higher-income earners, while the lower-income group had seen a slow recovery, as many of them were still burdened with loans from some populist policies, such as the first-car scheme, of the elected government ousted by the military. 
Advanced Info Service yesterday announced a special offer to its clients who have bought a data package worth more than Bt199 with the “AIS on Air” application enabling them to watch all 64 matches on their smartphones, said AIS vice president Pratthana Leelapanang.
The company holds the exclusive right in Thailand for broadcast of the World Cub soccer games on mobile phones.
To make the tournament more fun, Vithita Animation Co, producer of the “Kai Hua Roh” cartoon character stickers for the Line chat application, will also launch new sets of stickers under the World Cup theme, “Kai Hua Roh the Champion”. 
“Kai Hua Roh” is claimed as the second-best-selling in Line’s sticker shop.