Chevron continues to wear sustainability hat proudly

business February 16, 2014 00:00

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The company says it will maintain its support for local communities

Chevron (Thailand) Ltd has vowed to continue to sustainably expand its business.
While committed to actively grow its Caltex-branded service stations by working with current retailers, the company is seeking new investors interested in owning a service station by supporting local communities. 
“This year, we will continue with our commitment to play a crucial role in supporting the local communities around where we work,” said Salman Saadat, Chevron country chairman and general manager-products.
“We also encourage our employees to voluntarily contribute to the communities.”
For the first time this year, Chevron will launch its Caltex Fuel Your School campaign, which is a part of Chevron’s global Energy for Learning Initiative.
They are learning-based programmes, which create opportunities for individuals to acquire knowledge, gain new skills or be exposed to different ways of thinking. 
In partnership with Kenan Institute Asia, it is hoped the Caltex Fuel Your School campaign will help youngsters cope with today’s dynamic and complex society through its project-based learning model. 
“This type of learning model will help develop scientific thinking, systematic problem-based learning and communication skills for students while motivating them to relate subject knowledge in the areas of health, safety and the environment to the real world,” Saadat said.
“The project will initially target 600 Grade 7 and 8 students in 30 educational opportunity expansion schools in Khon Kaen, Udon Thani and Nong Khai.” 
Chevron, as part of the Chevron Corporation, has always honoured the corporate core value of conducting its business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. 
The company has a proven track record of caring for the community it operates in. 
Its community engagement programmes include projects supporting education, improving quality of life, and contributions to those in need. 
In 2013, the company carried out various meaningful CSR programmes such as Big Cleaning Day and primary health check activities.
It also worked in cooperation with the My School Project to provide a better learning place for kids by building the new library and donating necessary supplies to primary school students at Baan Nong Tabak School in Lop Buri.
Saadat said Chevron was committed to ensuring it provided its customers with high-quality products that enabled them to get the best out of their vehicles and the fuel they used. 
Over the past year, Caltex launched Caltex Gasohol E20, the latest addition to its wide range of high-quality fuel products including Caltex Gasohol 91 and 95, ULG 95 and Caltex Techron D. 
Caltex Gasohol E20 is approved for use in cars and motorcycles certified by manufacturers as Gasohol E 20 compatible. 
It is now available at more than 105 Caltex fuel service stations nationwide.
In addition, the company is set to further enhance Caltex’s Enjoy the Journey experience for its customers.
It will continue to refurbish its existing service stations to reflect it refreshed image including forecourts that are brighter and more attractive.
Chevron is looking for innovative ways to meet the changing lifestyle needs of its customers. 
The company strives to give motorists the best overall experience through retail partnerships with strong brand names such as Tops Daily, Family Mart, Black Canyon and D’Oro.
Saadat said different non-fuel back-court services had been added on to both new and existing Caltex service stations to better facilitate and serve their customers’ demanded.

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