Chevrolet recalls over 23,500 Captivas

Auto & Audio August 01, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Chevrolet has again announced a recall in Thailand, this time for 23,532 Captivas manufactured from 2011 to 2014, to inspect and correct if needed the seatbelt assembly.

“We will be contacting customers to have their cars checked and corrected if necessary,” Marcos A Purty, managing director of GM Thailand and Chevrolet Sales Thailand, said. 
Chevrolet declined to state how much the recall would cost the company, nor the price of each individual repair consisting of seat-belt bolt replacements. However, not every Captiva will require repair. 
Chevrolet customer service representatives will determine the action required on each vehicle and inform customers accordingly. The inspection will take only a few minutes, and any necessary repair will be done immediately free of charge at any Chevrolet dealership service centre. 
The Captiva recall actually does not cost Chevrolet for spare parts, since the bolts simply need tightening and there are no part replacements, according to an industry source. 
“If the bolts are found to be loosened, they will be re-tightened with the correct amount of torque, so no parts are being replaced in this case,” he pointed out. 
On June 30, Chevrolet had announced a recall of about 2,000 Spin mini MPVs due to faulty fuel tank ventilation nipples and a faulty seal on the fuse box. In the US and Canada, Chevrolet also recalled a large number of Cruze sedans in June due to faulty airbags made by Japan’s Takata, which also affected a large number of Toyota vehicles. The Spin recall required a fuel-tank replacement as well as a foam-strip replacement. 
If customers have any questions or concerns about the Captiva recall, they can contact the Chevrolet Customer Assistance Centre via telephone number 1734.