Chatthiya builds on family's success

Corporate April 28, 2014 00:00


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CHATTHIYA NAWAWATANASUP, a member of the second generation of the Nawawatanasup family's jewellery-exporting business, has a great desire to make her own trading company for fast-moving consumer products.

“My family’s background is in the jewellery-export business. We have been doing that for more than 30 years under the name Yoo Lim Silver. I have been involved with my family business for a long time and have done everything in the company since I was very young,” she said last week.

Chatthiya, 28, graduated in advertising from Rangsit International College and is now studying general management at Mahidol International.

The family set up a firm for its jewellery business about 15-16 years ago. Creation Bijoux handles the manufacturing and |wholesaling of jewellery products mainly for export.

The company has a subsidiary called Nawawat Jewellery that is in charge of cash-and-carry sales for foreign retail customers or those who need small quantities of items to take back to their country.

The Nawawatanasups also have a resort in Ranong and a real estate business in Cambodia.

Nawawat Jewellery’s showroom is conveniently located on New Road, right in the heart of Bangkok. The company offers a |wide range of silver jewellery with various designs, textures and finishing. It runs production facilities and has connections with thousands of factories across the world. It has been trusted by both domestic and international customers for more than 15 years. Chatthiya has been its vice president since she was 24.

“My responsibility is looking after overall activities, including sales and customer |service. However, without me the company and our jewellery products can run by themselves, thanks to their attractive designs,” she said.

Her ambition was to find a new challenge in her business career. She began sourcing interesting products from the Internet to fulfil her desire of running her own business.

Chatthiya opened Nawawat Pattana Group in 2012 with the focus on importing fast-moving and disposable consumer goods, such as baby and adult diapers, which have shown great potential among local consumers.

The company last July launched its first product – Kira Kira sanitary tampons imported from Israel.

“I found that the Kira Kira tampon is quite interesting. Tampons are quite familiar and widely used in Western countries such as Germany, the UK and Australia. However, for Asian consumers, it’s quite new,” she said.

“What I can see about Kira Kira is that it comes up with a new technology for ladies, who want to feel comfortable in whatever they are doing, and especially for those who are sensitive and allergic to pads,” she said.

Compared to other tampon brands, |Kira Kira is different in size and shape. The product has been designed to fit in with a lady’s shape only. It has also won approval from the FDAs in the United States and many more countries, to guarantee that the product is clean and safe.

“I got my inspiration from my father, who has always taught me every single detail about doing business. He makes me have the dream to go and move on, as well as to live and learn. That makes me even stronger,” she added.

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