Central’s bookstore chain rolls out ‘Think Space B2S’

Corporate July 13, 2016 01:00


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CENTRAL GROUP’S B2S bookstore chain is rolling out a new concept

The company spent more than Bt400 million on its first concept store, which opened yesterday at CentralFestival EastVille’s Foodville Zone.

The store, occupying more than 3,000 square metres, is expected to generate Bt350 million in sales within the first 12 months, said Somchai Tawonrungroaj, managing director of B2S Co.

The new concept store is a big step away from being just a comprehensive bookstore.

B2S seeks to transform its outlet into a lifestyle hub as young people look for a third living place. |Besides the workplace and the home, consumers want a creative hangout space to connect with people who have shared their |interest or have lived interestingly different passions, the company believes.

To ensure that this third place is full of inspirations, B2S has created five zones – Lifestyle Book Space, Art x Idea Space, Entertainment Space, Play x Learn Space and Networking Space.

Think Space B2S now operates full-scale services and promises entirely new experiences for consumers. Featuring more than 100,000 books, Think Space B2S is one of the biggest bookstores in not just Thailand but also Southeast Asia.