Cartoon Club poised for expansion into Asean market

Corporate April 30, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Cartoon Club Channel has announced plans to expand its business both inside and outside the country.

The company has announced alliances with foreign free-to-air television channels that will allow Cartoon Club to air and expand its viewership. This follows the launch of digital TV in Thailand, as well as preparing the company to tap into the Asean market. The plan is to expand in five countries, including Thailand, reaching more than 250 million viewers, this year.
Cartoon Club Media Co is the producer and developer of Cartoon Club Channel, a satellite and cable television channel that runs cartoons 24 hours a day. Company president Niruit Tananuchittikul recently said that during the past five years, Cartoon Club had prepared a plan to develop its TV business vigorously in the digital era. This includes expansion into the Asean market, not only accessing more viewers but also to take on the role of a comprehensive marketing consultant to brands that are interested becoming its business partners.
He said the company had sent marketing teams to study each Asean market and to prepare for additional service, should customers be interested in collaborating with the firm to expand their customer base. This includes new areas both within and outside Thailand. 
To expanded viewership in the Kingdom, the company is ready to work with digital TV channels that are in their trial phase, and has formed alliances with six such channels. These are MCOT HD, MCOT Family, Thairath TV, Mono TV, THV and LOCA, to bring the top Cartoon Club hits to air. 
As for foreign markets, the company will first expand into Asean countries, including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. It has already entered business alliances with television channels in each of those nations. 
“In Cambodia, we have joined with Channel 5; in Laos, we have joined with Channel 5 MV Lao Television; in Vietnam, we have joined Let’s Viet Vhannel,” Niruit said. 
“As for the latest alliance, which is considered a great achievement, we have formed ties with Myanmar National TV, a formidable entertainment channel of Myanmar, to bring a variety of popular cartoon hits to the country for the first time via the MN TV channel. In this endeavour, we have brought ‘Masked Rider’ to air – it was very warmly received by viewers in Myanmar and allowed Cartoon Club to air in five countries.”
He added that his company was confident of growing continuously “towards the goal of becoming a regional brand”.
Tanat Tananuchittikul, executive director of Cartoon Club Media Co, spoke on the past successes of Cartoon Club Channel, saying that the company had more than 30 years of experience producing children’s programmes. It started as a collaborator with Channel 9 to develop the Channel 9 Cartoon brand, which has met with continual success. 
“Moving forward to expand on this success, we will develop a business model based on this partnership and apply this experience to partnerships in the four [Asean] countries under the Cartoon Club brand, as a basis for knowledge building.”
For the past five years, Cartoon Club has been considered the No 1 satellite and cable provider of Japanese cartoons in Thailand. It has also been in the top five in terms of ratings among more than 200 channels in a Nielsen Media Research study. Also, the channel broadcasts on every platform, including subscriber-based premium pay TV such as TrueVisions and CTH. 
Tanop Tananuchittikul, the company’s business planning director, said: “As we all know, well-known brands that wish to enter a new target market must form a plan and conduct due diligence of the business landscape of that particular country and the preferences of its consumers.”