CTH spells out customer compensation over shutdown of Z Pay-TV

Corporate February 09, 2016 01:00


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CTH has reaffirmed that it will provide compensation to 100,000 customers after discontinuation of the company’s pay-TV service on GMM Z, PSI Holdings and Sunbox. The cut-off will be complete by the end of this month.

A source at the subscription-based TV operator admitted that its call centre was not able to handle the avalanche of calls from affected customers, but said it would provide new channels, including websites and mobile services, that could be reached by customers. 
CTH made headlines last month when it announced it would no longer provide its Z Pay-TV service via third-party satellite TV operators, namely GMM Z in January 6 and PSI Holdings and RS Sunbox on February 29. 
The move directly affects about 100,000 users of the Z Pay-TV package, which includes 21 exclusive TV channels. 
The source said that after the cancellation of the GMM Z service, CTH offered a high-value package to 20,000 affected subscribers as compensation. To date, the company has delivered new satellite-TV set-top boxes with the new package to almost 80 per cent of those affected. Within two weeks, all affected customers would get full compensation. 
CTH will soon also start dealing with the remaining subscribers of PSI and Sunbox. 
Apart from the compensation packages, CTH’s customers are also able to get refunds. The total value of the compensation plan is about Bt100 million. 
However, the broadcasting regulator has warned GMM Z and GMM B that they might be fined Bt2 million or more with extra daily fines of Bt100,000 each after the Z Pay-TV service was pulled without appropriate advance notice, which was considered consumer exploitation. 
Sombat Leelapata, acting deputy secretary-general of the National Broadcasting andTelecommuni-cations Commission (NBTC), said yesterday that the advance notice provided was not in accordance with broadcasting regulations. 
“If a broadcaster wants to change some details of conditions of service, the company should inform its customers 30 days in advance,” he said. 
Both GMM B and GMM Z must propose remedial measures to the NBTC subcommittee on consumer-rights protection as soon as possible. 
Z Pay-TV is operated by GMM B, while GMM Z is the distributor of GMM Z satellite-TV boxes. GMM B was acquired last year from GMM Grammy by CTH, while GMM Z is wholly owned by GMM Grammy.

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