CEO pushes up his health regime

Economy March 10, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Siam Cement Group chief executive and president Kan Trakulhoon has been admired for his health-consciousness and fitness that many other senior executives find hard to beat. He spares every available moment for exercise, and even does push-ups on the plan

One nice barometer of his success is that he never has to change his trouser size, since he has kept his waist at 30.5 inches since he graduated from university.
Still, Kan stunned everyone when he suddenly got down on the floor and performed 20 push-ups while members of the Nation Group’s top executive team visited the new SCG office and headquarters building last week. 
“Normally, I do 100 consecutive push-ups,” he said, adding that he had just recovered from a lung operation Extremely busy with work, Kan said he had not joined in the company’s annual health check-ups for a few years, and late last year doctors found a tumour in his lung. 
From that moment, Kan said, he changed his nutrition course He no longer starves himself with a water-only diet before exercising every morning, and has changed his breakfast menu to include a lot of vegetables, full-grained cereals, steamed fish, whole milk, and a big glass of juice.
Indian boss’ timing could be better
Although it is his first overseas assignment, Rajiv Mangal, president and chief executive of Tata Steel (Thailand), has not had much trouble adjusting to the local conditions A vegetarian, one of his favourite dishes is phat Thai.
His kids were also quite happy moving to Bangkok, as the city has more things to see and do than they are used to, and the transport system here is more convenient than in India His wife is still adjusting to the living conditions here, as dad leaves for work and their sons go to school every morning.
Nevertheless, in terms of business, the timing of Mangal’s arrival was not quite perfect, as he took on the post on December 1, only a week before Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra dissolved the House of Representatives Moreover, anti-dumping duties levied on Chinese high-carbon wire rod imports were ended on December 7 and any extension has been delayed by the “shutdown” of ministries by anti-government protesters. 
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