Build it or buy it? The homeseeker's dilemma

Economy August 15, 2014 01:00

By Supitcha Chaipipat

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Building your own house is a worthy challenge you might care to think about.

Many prospective homeowners, like you,ponder this idea of either building their own house or buying one from a good housing estate project.  
It would make your decision easier if you owned the land. To build a house on your own land is a way of making use of the land and living in a place you are already familiar with. Those who have no land of their own may prefer a housing estate.
If you still want to build your own house, you have to find land in your preferred location and prepare it prior to the construction phase – such as clearing the trees and other existing structures.
Obviously, the first good thing about building your own house is: you will have the house you really want – with choices of style and layout tailor-made to your needs. This is in contrast to what the housing estate project can offer because it can afford only standardised home styles and layout to meet the general demand of customers. This generic specification may be fairly workable – but will not meet specific use and is difficult to change because many housing projects will allow modification of a house only after construction is complete. Moreover, the post-construction modification is a complicated process and a waste of unwanted materials demolished for the new replacement. This would not be a problem if you build your own house because you can determine style, look and space on the layout blueprint.
Secondly, the cost of building your own house is much less than that of the housing estate because developers will add up the cost of land and public utilities such as a club house, swimming pool, fitness centre. Landscaping is added to enhance the aesthetic value of the housing estate in order to promote the sale.
The next good thing about building your own house is the flexibility it gives to choose construction materials that fit your needs and preferences the housing estate cannot offer. Homebuilders with a systematic operation will provide customers a list of construction materials to choose from. Normally, customers will be allowed to choose materials they want for the specific property of their own. The benefit of getting the materials that suit customers’ needs avoids wasting time and money on post-construction modification.
Another benefit, owners can inspect their new house throughout the construction period. However, some may have concerns that they may either lack knowledge or find supervising the construction phase tiring. This concern could be removed if they trust credible homebuilders to take care each of the process.
Having heard all the pros and cons of building your own house, there is one important aspect you need to care about. Self-supervising the building requires a fair amount of knowledge about construction and time, since it involves many groups of people and various steps of decision-making from the choice of materials, details of house design, as well as communication with various people during the construction. All these steps require a clear and detailed communication between the owner and the construction team. As a result, many people would rather opt for buying a house from housing estate suppliers to avoid troubling themselves and spending too much time on the project.
Finally, the choice is yours whether you want a house that meets your specific wishes, and you have the time and budget to spend building a house you most need and of your specification.
For those keen to build their own houses, please visit HomeBuilderExpo 2014 at the Sirikit Convention Centrer from August 21-24, 2014. It offers a big pool of quality homebuilders under the Association of Homebuilders ready with ideas.