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Oishi announces launch of Kabuse-Cha, a premium, sugar-free green tea

Oishi Green Tea has launched a premium beverage called Oishi Kabuse-Cha. 
Cultivated with the superior method of “covering the patch” before harvesting, it is a sugar-free beverage that combines a good flavour and delicate aroma just like the original Japanese drink, making it ideal for health enthusiasts, the company says. 
It adds that Kabuse-Cha also demonstrates Oishi’s 10-year leadership in the ready-to-drink (RTD) green-tea market both in sales and brand loyalty.
“Over the past decade, Oishi has been strongly committed to offering the most innovative and highest-quality products to consumers that help strengthen Oishi’s ‘The Best Quality’ brand image,” said Marut Buranasetkul, president of Oishi Group. 
“We also are considered the genuine expert in producing authentic Japanese green tea with a taste very familiar to Thai people, resulting from our meticulous selection and production processes. As proved by a recent Ipsos survey, Oishi maintains its leadership in the ready-to-drink green-tea market. In the RTD green tea category, Oishi has the highest scores both in ‘Top of Mind Brand’ and ‘Brand for Me’.”
OfficeMate’s all-new catalogue for 2014 
OfficeMate, a supplier of stationery, office supplies, furniture and information-technology equipment, has launched an all-new catalogue for 2014. 
The company says its new-look catalogue delivers a wealth of easily accessed product information and serves as a handy guidebook for purchasers, while OfficeMate is set to move ahead with an expansion of its printing business with improved storefront services.
About 300,000 copies of the new catalogue, which has more than 1,000 pages and is packed with 20,000 products, will be distributed to OfficeMate customers nationwide free of charge.
OfficeMate is also moving ahead with the rebranding of its Trendy Print business line. Under the new name of OfficeMate Printing Solution, the digital printing service will continue to produce name cards, posters, postcards, leaflets, brochures, greeting cards, documents, rubber stamps and more.
SET passes 1,300-point barrier, gold drops bt100
The Stock Exchange of Thailand closed over 1,300 points yesterday at 1,308.34, up 1.38 per cent on volume of Bt36.83 billion.
Investors jumped into the stock market in anticipation that the Constitutional Court would rule on whether the election can be postponed.
Gold closed at Bt19,400 per baht weight, a drop of Bt100, after a decline in the world gold market.
Pricey poultry in Japan
Japan’s resumption of raw-poultry imports from Thailand has yet to lower the price of chicken meat from Brazil, which is Japan’s chief source of imported poultry, according to Nikkei.
At the end of last year, Japan lifted its ban on imports of raw poultry from Thailand imposed 10 years ago after an outbreak of bird flu in this country. 
Importers and restaurant operators had hoped that this resumption would reduce the high price of Brazilian poultry. 
The problem is that Thai processors have also imposed high prices on their poultry, so the price of imported chicken is expected to stay where it is in Japan for the time being.
Attrage sales to expand
Mitsubishi Motors will sell the Attrage compact sedan it began making last year in Thailand in other Southeast Asian countries by spring, with plans to offer the car eventually in the Middle East and Africa, company sources were cited as saying by Nikkei.
The firm sets expanding sales in emerging countries as its most important business goal, so it is trying to broaden the range of inexpensive compacts for sale in those markets.
The Thai-built Attrage is the company’s second global strategic compact sedan, after the Mirage, which became a big hit in Thailand. 
Built on the same platform as the Mirage, the Attrage has a 1.2-litre engine and offers fuel economy of 22km per litre, thanks to improved technology in the transmission and other areas.
Since its debut in Thailand last July, about 16,000 units have been sold, with an affordable price of about Bt500,000 wowing Thai consumers.
Indians still love Bangkok
Bangkok continues to be one of the main destinations of choice for Indian tourists, with the number of meeting and wedding groups as well as independent travellers coming to the Thai capital expected to remain high both this month and in February, according to recent surveys by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.
This week, the TAT New Delhi Office reported that an 85-person meeting from an Indian IT company was scheduled to go ahead in Bangkok and Pattaya from yesterday to Sunday.
A wedding party with 400 guests is scheduled to be held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok from February 2-4. 
Information passed to TAT by Thai Airways International’s Mumbai office shows that plane bookings to Thailand this month are 20 per cent higher than expected.