Bosch enhances vocational skills of disadvantaged hilltribe youth

Corporate May 01, 2016 01:00

By The Nation

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Education is something that develops human well-being. Unfortunately, quality education is in many cases still out of reach of a large number of disadvantaged people, such as hilltribe children. These young people lack continuous education because of pove

Therefore, Bosch is strengthening its long-standing commitment to Chiang Mai’s Skills for Life Foundation, by providing educational opportunities to underprivileged hilltribe children and contributing to their overall well-being.

Joseph Hong, managing director of Bosch (Thailand), commented on Bosch’s commitment to this programme during a recent visit to the Skills for Life Foundation.

“Bosch has every intention of continuing to support education for underprivileged young people worldwide through its various global projects, namely Primavera, which is an association founded by Bosch associates and retirees to help children in developing and emerging countries have a better start in life.

“We have been supporting the Skills for Life Foundation in Chiang Mai since 2015 with funds and new kitchen appliances for vocational training. The objective is to enhance education and vocational training that are needed for children to achieve autonomy and self-sufficiency.”

Dominique Leutwiler, founder of the Skills for Life Foundation, shared her insights regarding the foundation’s vision.

“The Skills for Life Foundation was established to assist underprivileged hilltribe children in remote areas by meeting basic needs and providing education.

“Most importantly, the foundation commits to encouraging young people to take responsibility and become autonomous in the future. To assist them in doing so, we offer educational and training opportunities, specifically suitable vocational training, throughout their education.

“The foundation has developed special activities for these children to learn new things and develop closer bonds with friends. These include mini-golf, painting their own elephants at the Colour Factory shop, and a tour of the Night Safari at Chiang Mai Zoo.

“In support of vocational training, we have received continued support from Bosch, who have been providing an array of new kitchen appliances that allow children to apply their baking and packaging design skills. These new appliances also bring joy and happiness to the children, who were able to bake cookies that they sold at auctions and charity events. These cookies raised an amazing Bt150,000 for the children’s scholarship, other vocational training, and upcoming baking sessions,” she said.