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A Harvard guest

The chief executive officer of Taokaenoi Food & Marketing, Aitthipat “Tob” Kulapongvanich, beefed up his status as an inspiring idol for young Thai entrepreneurs and hopefuls when he was invited to join two Western entrepreneurs speaking about the “mindset of success” at Harvard University early this month.

Though he has not even completed his university degree, Tob went to talk at the world-famous business school by invitation of the Harvard Extension Wellness Club, together with Nik Halik, a Australian civilian astronaut and entrepreneur, and Bruce Davis, an American self-made multimillionaire entrepreneur.

Using a Thai translator, Tob told the Harvard class his three mindsets for success: Know what you want; find your “uncle Tuang” (a good mentor, as featured in his biographical film “The Billionaire”); and see problems as opportunities.

Tob’s fan clubs on Facebook and Instagram had been kept informed of his visit to Harvard since he received the invitation, when he arrived in Boston, attending the class, and after that, when he posted his photo taken in front of an LED advertising billboard in New York’s Times Square. He wrote: “Someday, I will definitely bring up [the] Taokaenoi logo on to this screen!!!”

Without even having to attend the Harvard class, Tob’s 1.2 million fans on Facebook and 75,000 followers on Instagram have learned his fourth mindset for success: “Dream big.”

Facebook campaign a little late

As part of his election campaign for the chairmanship of the Federation of Thai Industries, Visit Limprana has added Facebook as a new communication tool for connecting with federation members who are scattered in many provinces around the country.

His strong supporter, FTI vice chairman Thanit Sorat, explained that Visit needed Facebook since he could not use the federation’s newsletters like the other candidate, Supant Mongkolsuthree, who has the backing of current chairman Payungsak Chartsutthipol.

It is perhaps, though, just an image brush-up, since as of Friday, Visit had only 142 friends on his Facebook fanpage, as the page was launched quite late, just on March 10. Supant, meanwhile, has the image of an IT guy, as the owner of Synnex, a leading distributor of information-technology products.

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