Economy February 17, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

The allure of Numbers


As the debuts of 24 commercial digital terrestrial TV channels approach, big companies are proactively promoting their channel numbers in line with their brands.

Behind the scenes, some high-profile executives have their own beliefs and reasons for choosing the numbers, not only for commercial purposes but also for personal reasons. Why?

As a nice dad, A’Goo Paiboon Dumrongchaitham, big boss of GMM Grammy, said the numbers he got remind him of his adorable and beloved son and daughter's birthdays. In the recent digital TV licence bidding, GMM Grammy won two licences for a high-definition variety channel and a standard-definition variety channel.

It was very impressive to hear that he picked 31 for the HD channel, representing his daughter Fahshai, who was born on the 31st of a month. He also selected 25 for the SD channel representing the birth date of Rafah.

Surachai “Here Hor” Chetchotisak, CEO of RS, said he believes that 2 and 7 are his lucky numbers.

“So I chose channel 27 for my digital terrestrial TV channel, which will be a key driver for my dear company.”

Besides RS Channel 8 having these lucky numbers, all of Here Hor’s luxury cars also show 72 on their licence plates.

“Everywhere I go, everything I do, I’ll be lucky,” he said.

More opportunity in the west

Although road access to his Interchange 21 office at the Asok Intersection has been blocked by the anti-government demonstrators for over a month, Mickael Feige, country manager of Solidiance, a business-to-business marketing consulting firm, has found no problem travelling to his office since he lives in a condominium in Lat Phrao with easy access to the subway.

“But it is a big problem for our staff who do not live near mass transit,” said the French native who just recently completed a study on Thailand’s logistics opportunities.

More troubling are the cancellations and delays in the decisions of his potential clients, which are in the energy, transport and other industries.

This year Solidiance might have more contracts in Myanmar than in Thailand, even though it just started doing business in Yangon, he said.

Valentine’s solution

Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, executive vice president for marketing at Central Pattana Plc, or “Dr Tui”, has been so busy nowadays that he almost has to sleep and eat at his office.

Fortunately this year he did not have to think hard about finding a nice place to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his partner, since the Wine I Love You restaurant company recently opened a branch near his office at CentralWorld.