Bangkok Hospital Pattaya set for growth

Corporate August 08, 2012 00:00


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Bangkok Hospital Pattaya will spend Bt220 million on new medical equipment and opening more special clinics during the rest of the year.

The 300-bed hospital is considered a medical-care centre for the Eastern region, with 115 full-time doctors.

Pichit Kangwolkij, deputy chief executive officer for Group 3 and director of Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, said it would open an intensive-car unit for newborns after its new paediatric ICU, for children aged from one month to 15 years, becomes available this month.

Over the next two months, the Lasik centre will also be available for both long- and short-sighted patients. With the availability of femto-Lasik technology, eye patients will enjoy quick recovery from the laser surgery.

With upgraded equipment, the hospital’s hip and joint replacement clinic will provide patients a new technique for such operations in the current half of the year. As well, its cardiac centre provides patients with irregular heartbeats cardiac ablation technology, which does not require medication.

In addition, Pichit said the hospital was providing Bt60 million worth of remote medical care via “robo-doctors” equipped with an audio-video system. Currently the group has three robo-doctors, serving Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin, Bangkok Hospital Trat and Bangkok Hospital Bangkok, and those patients are provided treatments by doctors at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya through Internet communication.

“This is the first-ever such service in Asean. The first group given this sort of treatment are paralysed patients,” he said.

The hospital will spend more on increasing the number of multilingual staff to serve foreign patients with 20 international languages.

Pichit said the hospital this year would target more foreign patients., especially from Russia, Oman and the United of Arab Emirates, who focus on medical check-ups.

He said revenue growth in the first six months was greater than expected, above the target of 13 per cent. Revenue in the first half was Bt224 million. “We expect the hospital’s revenue for this full year to grow by 13 per cent to Bt3.2 billion,” he said.

The proportion of revenue from inpatients declined to 59 per cent while that from outpatients grew to 41 per cent.

By nationality, revenue from Thai patients amounted to 56 per cent with a growth rate of 17 per cent year on year and from foreign patients 44 per cent with an increase of 33 per cent.

Of foreign patients, Russians accounted for 21 per cent, Britons 13 per cent, Germans, Americans and Australians 11 per cent each, French nationals 10 per cent, and Scandi-navians nearly 20 per cent. Of these, expatriates accounted for 60 per cent, medical travellers 30 per cent, and tourists 10 per cent.

“We aim to be No 3 among the country’s private hospitals in terms of revenue in the next three years,” Pichit said.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is now ranked fourth in revenue after Bumrungrad, Bangkok Hospital Bangkok and Samitivej Hospital.

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