Bangchak ready to buy rotten rice under one condition

business August 05, 2014 14:22

Bangchak Petroleum Plc will buy rotten rice under rice-pledging scheme on the condition that the government stops the sale of 95-octane petrol to increase the demand for ethanol.

Vichien Usanachote, Bangchak president, said its price would depend on its flour content. However, the rice purchase would negatively affect cassava growers as ethanol production would depend less on cassava.

To protect the interest, the National Council for Peace and Order should stop the sales of 95-octane petrol to increase ethanol demands, Vichien suggested.

He said the stoppage would not affect motorists because all vehicles could be fueled with gasohol. Local ethanol demands stand only at about 2.87 million litres per day.